The next celebirty Mattel Barbie doll is…

Kylie Minogue! According to Flickr user Peter, the info has been released in a Belgium Mattel catalogue.

Kylie-Calendar-barbie doll
*Not an official Mattel or Kyle image. Fanmade artwork!

This is fabulous! I love Kylie and she has some fierce stage costumes so Mattel really does have a lot of ideas to chose from. So far we have already seen two of her outfits used on Barbie Collector dolls. The first one was the dress word by the Generations of Dreams Barbie doll and the other one was worn by the second doll in The Blonds series.

kylie minogue barbie 2014

What do you think about Mattel’s choice?

6 thoughts on “The next celebirty Mattel Barbie doll is…

  1. I CAN’T WAIT!!!
    I hope they do the same as JLo and make two versions!
    As Kylie is a judge on The Voice UK, and her new single about to be released, now would be the perfect time to release her! :D

  2. The blonds really does strike again. Wow, this beautiful, the outfit and the accessories was really a perfect replica of her video “Get Outta My Way”. Her golden corset adorns her sophisticated chain details. Would love to have this on my collection. Thank you for sharing.

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