Fan BingBing Barbie 2014

Hellen Doll Saga has just announced that Mattel Asia has launched a beautiful Collector Barbie that portraits Chinese actress and singer Fan BingBing.

fan bingbing barbie 2014

I think the doll is a true piece of art! As far as I can tell her dress is very well made and is the same that she wore at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. Simply amazing! The doll retails at $145 and most likely she’s an Asian market exclusive. :(

What do you think about this beauty?

Beautiful Malefica (Maleficent) OOAK Barbie

David Bocci is a well know Spanish OOAK artist and the owner of Refugio Rosa and he’s also the creator of the beautiful Reina Nayade doll that I’ve told you about last year.

Today he has launched another great project: a fab Malefica (Maleficent) OOAK Barbie.

Maleficent David Bocci1

Maleficent David Bocci4

I love her costume and the Mackie face mold gives the doll a softer edge even if she still looks fierce and evil. Good job, David! She’s stunning.
You can check out his other creations on his Facebook page.

Jem Con: Trully Outrageous 2014 news and updates

This year’s Jem Con has just announced it’s first special guest and it’s the trully outrageous Samantha Newark, the voice of Jem/Jerrica/Jamie of the hit cartoon tv series from the 80s. In addition to Jem, Samantha has also lent her voice-over talents to a wide array of roles in television, film and gaming. Some of her work includes Transformers, Steven Spielberg’s Hook, God of War, and Twisted Metal Black.

jem con 2014

Check out more details about this announcement on the official Jem Con website. The convetion will be held in Toronto and the full programme will be available on the website this summer.

It’s a boy!

No, it’s not a new Barbie Collector doll or a rumour about a new doll. It’s just my way of telling you that I’m pregnant and I’m going to have a baby boy! :D I’m almost 18 weeks along and this baby is keeping my husband and I afloat in this difficult time.

it's a boy

*Not an official image or doll. Fan made artwork.

Unfortunately this means I’ll not be able to attend the Paris Fashion Doll Festival and the Italian Doll Convention but don’t worry. I’ll still update you with all the best fresh news from the dolly world.

THAT*Doll Magazine Winter 2014

With all of the things happening in my life, I totally forgot to tell you about the wonderful new issue of THAT*Doll Magazine. This winter 2014 issue features some stunning photos that will make you wish summer came today, an article about a cute doll called Little Tuppence, a very interesting clone corner where Barbie si the clone, some great fashion and thrift store finds and lots more.

TDM_Vol1_Winter2014 issue

The issue costs just $5.99 USD and you can download it from HERE. You will not regret buying it. The photos alone are worth the money.

Barbie Collector Fashion Model Collection Ducissima Doll 2014

My friend Rogier has found a listing on for the beautiful Barbie Collector Fashion Model Collection Ducissima Doll 2014 that was sneak peaked a few weeks ago. The doll is inspired by the Dolce & Gabbana FW 2014 collection and is just stunning.

Ducissima Barbie 2014

Here is the real fashion.


Last night BFC has also uploaded a video of the 2014 Barbie Fashion Model Collection highlithing Barbie Fiorella. Just beautiful. :X Makes me forget my sorrow just by looking at these pictures and video.

So what do you think about this year’s collection? Will you be getting these girls?

Latest news and gossip from the dolly world

Hello, everyone.

I’m back blogging on my favorite blog. Well…sort of. I’ll keep things in a low key as wounds are not as easily healed. Anyway I want to send a big shout and thanks to my friend Ľubo Holík for helping me run the Facebook page. He’s one of the greatest and sweetest doll collectors I’ve met since joining this community. Thank you again, Ľubo for your help. :X

Because I’ve been away for almost a week a lot of things have happened in the dolly world so here’s a list of all the major events I’ve missed:

1. New Barbie Collector dolls have been sneak peaked on BFC and some of them have been added later in the shop. LINK to the sneaks. My favorite doll is the new, and very strange, Bob Mackie Princess Stargazer Barbie that I would very much like to add in my collection.

bob mackie barbie 2014

*Not an official image. Fan artwork.k

2. Integrity Toys have revealed some amazing dolls from the Dynamite Girls, FR16 and Jem and the Holograms collections. You can check them out on Shuga’s blog.

integrity toys 2014

*Not an official image. Fan artwork.

3. We have a fist image of the wave 3 Barbie Style dolls. Not a very good quality image but I still like what I see.Source.

wave 3 barbie style glam luxe 2014

4. We have a new video from BFC with Bill Greening talking about the Holiday Hostess Collection.

bill greening bfc 2014

5. Superdoll London is realeasing a very limited edition fashion collection to celebrate the anniversary of their doll Venus. Check out more details on my friend Rogier’s blog.

superdoll london sybarite venus 2014

6. Lots of new playline Barbie dolls and accesories have been released. Check them out on my Facebook page: NY Toy Fair 2014, 2014 Barbie fashions and 2014 Halloween Barbie playline.

7. Everybody is going crazy for the new Sports Illustrated Anniversary Barbie.

8. Check out the latest doll from the Black Swan Company. Her name is Moonlight Butterfly and she’s gorgeous.

moonlight butterfly barbie black swan company 2014 a

9. Check out the new Monster High and Ever After High dolls from the New York Toy Fair 2014 HERE.


That’s all from me, guys. :)

Official Divergent Barbie dolls 2014 promo images

First of all I wanted to tell you that I’ll be away for a week. Today is a very sad day for my family. My mother in law passed away. This will be my last post here for a week. On Facebook my friend Lubo will continue posting so that you can still get all the fresh news and info about your favorite dolls.

Second of all, here are the promo pictures of the new Divergent Barbie dolls 2014.

divergent barbie 2014 2

divergent barbie 2014 detail

divergent barbie 2014

Also HERE you can see an IRL image of the dolls.
Do you like them?

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