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New 2014 Barbie Collector news: Bob Mackie Fairy and Zuhair Murad Barbie

February 5, 2014

Today I have two very exciting pieces of Barbie Collector news for you. First up is the amazing sketch of the upcoming Fairy Barbie by Bob Mackie that we got to see last year at IDC. I can’t believe it took Mattel almost one year to publish the Robert Best and Bob Mackie interview that you can see below. As I have already reported, the Bob Mackie Fairy Barbie has already been previewed at a Japanese at a doll show.


Next I have, yet again, an unconfirmed rumour: a possible Zuhair Murad Barbie for 2014. It looks like some dealers have seen the image of the prototype but that’s all I have for now.
I hope this rumour is true. Zuhair Murad is an amazing designer and he created the some of the most elegant and gorgeous red carpet dresses out there.

zuhair murad barbie 2014

If this rumour is true and so is the Karl Lagerfeld one than this a good year for Barbie Collector. :X

LATER EDIT: Looks like the Zuhair Murad doll is dressed in this 2012 SS dress and has the Aprodite facemold! Gorgeous! So yes, the rumour is true!


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