Sailor Moon Pullip for 2014

This year marks the return of Sailor Moon and her senshi. In July we’ll have a brand new Sailor Moon anime series and looks like we’ll also have a Sailor Moon Pullip. The official website of the series has announced a collaboration between them and Groove and the first image of the new dolls has surfaced the internet.

sailor moon pullip 2014

The doll has been displayed at the 77th Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2014 and hopefully we’ll soon have an official announcement from Groove and some promo pictures.

What do you think about this collaboration? Anyone here a Sailor Moon or Pullip fan?

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    Official image of the Sailor Moon x Pullip doll | My Dolls :: A Blog About Barbie and Other Fashion Dolls

    […] Some time ago there were some images of an upcoming Sailor Moon x Pullip doll taken at a doll show and now we have the frist official image of the doll. I’m not a Pullip collector but the doll looks kind of cute. I don’t know when she’ll be available but I bet you’ll be able to buy her soon as the new anime series will premiere in July. […]

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