Official image of the Sailor Moon x Pullip doll

Some time ago there were some images of an upcoming Sailor Moon x Pullip doll taken at a doll show and now we have the frist official image of the doll. I’m not a Pullip collector but the doll looks kind of cute. I don’t know when she’ll be available but I bet you’ll be able to buy her soon as the new anime series will premiere in July.

Sailor Moon Pulip

What are your thoughts on this doll?


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    Wow. I didn’t expect a Sailor Moon doll so soon. Sailor Moon was my first anime so I would love to add this doll to my collection. I have some of the Irwin Toys dolls but this Pullip is more detailed in my opinion. I think Usagi (Sailor Moon) will be my first ever Pullip doll which is perfectly fitting.

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