New from Artist Creations: Peperita OOAK BArbie doll

Artist Creations is the designing duo that will create this year’s convention doll for the National Barbie Convention. Unfortunately they will be the last OOAK designers to have this honour but it’s a good thing we’ll still be able to enjoy their amazing creations.
Here’s their latest creation, a beautiful and exotic AA doll called “Peperita“. She was previewd at Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2014 and she is one fab girl.


I love all the details of this doll. The face is so fierce and her fashion is over the top but beautifully executed. Love, love, love her.

Don’t forget to check out more of their designs on their official Facebook page and website.

2 thoughts on “New from Artist Creations: Peperita OOAK BArbie doll

  1. LOL Yess !!!! It feels like it was made with the rest of all materials from the past projects (since the beginning ;O) So crafty and it seems there was a huge ”inspiration” on Mackenzie Fenella Layla Barbie by Byron Lars… Terrible terrible terrible..!!!

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