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New Fab Life, Glam Luxe and other playline dolls

April 13, 2014

My dear, dear friend Muhammed Bagci from Fashion Doll World has shared with me some great info and images of the upcoming playline 2014 dolls including the new Glam Luxe dolls, Fab Life series, Barbie and sisters series and others. Here’s a list of dolls:

Barbie My Fab Family:
– Barbie & Sisters Surf 2-Packs: Barbie/Stacie, Skipper/Chelsea
– Barbie & Sisters Comping Trip: Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, Chelsea (3x)
– Barbie On the Go Playsets
– Barbie & Sisters Winter Fun: Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, Chelsea (3x)

Barbie and the Secret door:
– Alexis singing dolls – Friends Summer (Mermaid) and Teresa (fairy) dolls
– Prince doll – Princess Malucia doll
– Budget Versions of Alexa, the Mermaid and the Fairy
– Fairy Horse
– Smaller Horses assortment (2x)
– Princess Castle (small)
– Princess Castle (big)

Barbie Fab Like I:
– Barbie Curl doll
– Barbie Glitter Designer doll
– Barbie Fashion Design Maker
– Barbie I can be Rockstar & Buisness woman

Barbie Fab Life II:
– Barbie Glam Luxe Barbie (2x) Raquelle, Midge (Nikki?)
– Barbie Party Fashionistas Barbie, Teresa, Raquelle -Barbie Party Fashionistas 2-Pack
– Barbie Fashionistas Barbie (2x), Teresa
– Barbie Malibu Avee Playsets (3x)

Glam Luxe Barbie second wave 2014

Glam Luxe Raquelle second wave 2014

Glam Luxe Summer second wave 2014

I love the playsets with the boat and the sledge. Also the new Glam Luxe dolls look nice but I think they can do better with those.

Waht do you think of these new dolls?

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  • Reply Kitty in IN April 20, 2014 at 3:21 am

    Glad I’m not the only one who thought that about the Glam Luxe girls. The dresses don’t look any nicer than the ‘Fashionista’ outfits, and the mix-and-match factor is gone.

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