Chalk White Sybarite from IDC 2014

Superdoll London has shared with the atendees of IDC 2014 a stunning Chalk White Sybarite that matches the oriental theme of the convention. They also sold a very limited edition of only 10 exclusive IDC 2014 outfit called TOKOYAKI.

Chalk White Sybarite 2014 IDC 2


More info and images of the outfit on

Also here’s a brief video of the doll. Isn’t she stunning?

BREAKING NEWS! 2015 Barbie Collector news from IDC 2014

Fresh, fresh news for all you Barbie collectors!

2015 barbie news

This is from the Mattel presentation at IDC 2014:

– New partnerships dolls for 2015. The first one is a couple designed by a well known fashion designer that has collaborated in the past with Mattel. The doll will be designed by Robert Best. The designer is still kept a secret. I have a feeling it might be Karl Lagerfeld. :X The dolls are dressed in black. Ken has a black suit and Barbie a black leather dress with black pointed boots.
– Other partnership dolls will follow.
– There will be more celebrities dolls
– New movie dolls
– New Look dools with more faces and…flat feet and shoes!! The theme is Barbie will kick off her heels. They showed a beautiful AA doll with curly hair and blue glasses. Great news for people wanting more sculpts. The metalic theme will also continue.
– They also showed some Barbie Look inspiration photos

I’m so excited about this!!! I feel like Mattel is finnaly listening to us with all this Barbie Look changes. :X Can’t wait to see the new dolls!

First day at the Italian Doll Convention 2014

The 2014 Italian Doll Convention has started! I’m not attending this year but I have someone representing me :D so I’ll keep you up to date with everything that is happening over there. The registration has started at around 11 o’clock and the convention bag is the best one they ever had. I think I’ll be using the bag for my baby. Hehe! How cute will I look with a baby in my arms and a red Barbie bag on my shoulder. :X

The bag is filled with all sorts of goodies. I am especially in love with the mini sushi set created by the wonderful Dani Crea En Rosa and the guys from the Madrid Fashion Doll Show. Also check out the very cute dress pattern created by Paco Alcaide from Fashion Dolls Coleccionistas Madrid. Now all I need is a Silkstone to go with the dress and the sushi plate.

IDC 2014 2

IDC 2014 5

Don’t forget to check out my Facebook page because I’ll be updating images and more info all through this evening. Tonight is the gala dinner where we’ll get to see the convention doll and also check out some news and info from Mattel plus lots and lots more amazing things. Stay tuned, guys!

Ninimomo update: Idaho, Iowa, Sanibel Island

It’s time for a new Ninimomo update and this time around I’m head over heals with one of their delegates. Just take a look at Miss Idaho 2013 , formerly 45th Anniversary Silkstone Barbie. :X How amazing is she?



I have no words to describe how amazing I think she looks. :X

Check out the other delegates below.

Miss Sanibel Island 2013


Miss Northern Marianas 2013


Miss Iowa 2013


Miss East Timor 2013/2014


Ballet Wishes Barbie 2014

The new Ballet Wishes Barbie 2014 can be now bought on A few days ago I saw just a small image of her and was not impressed. Ok, to be perfectly honest I thought she was a disaster. Why? Because I’m sick of pink ballerinas with a Mackie face! I would love something more edgy, more extravagant. I’ve been told she is the perfect doll for an older child that wants to start a collection and I agree. But then again…pink? :(

Anyway, looking at these HQ images she doesn’t look that bad and for $24.99 she’s a good deal.

Bllet Wishes Barbie 2014 4

What are your thoughts about her?

Barbie Collector Spain: Barbie Sara Baras

To celebrate 35 years of Barbie in Spain, is having an auction where you can bid for one of the two existing Barbie Sara baras in the worls. Sara is a very well known flamenco dancer and she was gifted with this beautiful Barbie last year, in November.


Image source

All the money that will be raised at this auction will benefit Aldeas Infantiles SOS España that fights for children that need homes.

Barbie Sara Baras

The auction is open to all fans May 22 to June 20 and you can start bidding HERE.


Preorder Sailor Moon Pullip

Yesterday I got word that the preorders for the Pullip X Sailor Moon have started. As I’m a big Sailor Moon fan I’m actually considering buying this little beauty. She’ll ship in July and her price is $188. You can preorder her from HERE.


If you are also a Sailor Moon fan you can watch the old tv series on HULU with brand new subtitles that are 100% faitfull to the original anime. That means all the characters names, theirs stories and their relationships will not be changed or censored like back in the 90s. Watch the series HERE.

Dollsalive TYPOES collection

Isidora is a very talented Greek artist and the master mind behind the Dollsalive creative studio. I have just come across her designs and was instantly mesmerized by her creations.

Her latest collection is called TYPOES and it features lots of great fashions for your dolls.


Here’s what Isidora has to say about her collection:

The name of the collection is a combination of the words “typography“, referring to the prints I used, and “types” as every outfit was meant for a different “type” of doll-woman. Thus the names of the ten outfits: The Mysterious, The cool, The creative, The Natural, The Not-just-cute, The Tough, The Tender, The Smart,The Thinker and The Eclectic. They are casual with just a touch of glamour mostly in the accessories. The themes are inspired by things I love and I am interested in like Native culture, contemporary art, ballet, graphic design, and more. I love leather and I use it very often, not only in shoes and bags but also in clothes.

I must admit I would wear these fashions myself. :)) They are so cool. Check out more of her creations on her Flickr page, Facebook page and buy the fashions on eBay.