Dollsalive TYPOES collection

Isidora is a very talented Greek artist and the master mind behind the Dollsalive creative studio. I have just come across her designs and was instantly mesmerized by her creations.

Her latest collection is called TYPOES and it features lots of great fashions for your dolls.


Here’s what Isidora has to say about her collection:

The name of the collection is a combination of the words “typography“, referring to the prints I used, and “types” as every outfit was meant for a different “type” of doll-woman. Thus the names of the ten outfits: The Mysterious, The cool, The creative, The Natural, The Not-just-cute, The Tough, The Tender, The Smart,The Thinker and The Eclectic. They are casual with just a touch of glamour mostly in the accessories. The themes are inspired by things I love and I am interested in like Native culture, contemporary art, ballet, graphic design, and more. I love leather and I use it very often, not only in shoes and bags but also in clothes.

I must admit I would wear these fashions myself. :)) They are so cool. Check out more of her creations on her Flickr page, Facebook page and buy the fashions on eBay.

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