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New artist highlight: Free Fantasy Dolls by Nickis Fabbrocile

June 6, 2014

I first met Nickis at my first ever doll convention, IDC 2012. I was more than impressed with his amazing OOAK Barbie creations> and their out of this world look. I thought to myself “this guy is going to be big”. And I was so right. This year Nickis unveiled his first ever line of custom dolls called Free Fantasy Dolls. Amazing, fierce and glam dolls with a touch of magic.

free fantasy dolls

I just had to ask the artist to tell me more about these dolls because I think they will appeal to a lot of collectors and will become the next must have dolls.

1. The first time I saw your creations were at IDC 2012 when you presented a beautiful collection of OOAK dolls with a fantasy theme and diamond eyes. Tell me how you decided to move from customizing Barbie dolls to creating your own line of dolls.

I had this dream for a long time … I had received a great surprise by a lot of appreciation to the national barbie convention in los angeles and when I came back to Italy I decided to continue my project … for express all of my concept on my dolls.

2. What is the theme of your new collection and how did you come up with it?

The first collection of FFD is called Acqua-Terra collection … I gave this name to join 2 very important concepts … my dolls are nymphs … and live in 2 parallel worlds of fantasy … the only way to get into our earthly world it’s by the “white deer” … (the caretaker). the water is passage from the fantasy world and the earth understood as the reality of our world.

3. Please show my readers your dolls and tell me a few words about each of them.

each doll is a part of me … I prefer to leave the free interpretation for each one of my “creature” … in this way I believe that every person can be reflected in a different way and grasp what ‘each character conveys.

free fantasy5

4. How did the collectors respond to your collection? Tell me about the feedback you got.

I’m really speechless … I’m really honored for the amazing presentation and result in Milan … I got to see so many people who follow me and appreciate what I do. .. and I’m really grateful.

5. As always I need to ask what are your future plans with Free Fantasy Dolls.

will start a promotional tour … I’ll be’ present around europe and soon again in USA.. there are many projects in the game for my nymphs … Meanwhile, the first appointment will be confirmed for Madrid Fashion Doll Convention.

Images by the talented Lella Pastrocchio

So what do you think about the Free Fantasy Dolls? I for one am very, very impressed by them. :X Hope you are too.
You can also read another interview with him on my friend Dani’s blog: Dani Crea En Rosa.


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