3 thoughts on “Brunette Holiday Barbie Collector 2014

  1. Yawn ….what is going on with Barbie? Usually at this time , I am so excited about the new dolls and have like six or seven that I can’t wait to order . But it’s already July and the lineup has been pathetic. So typical and so poor quality. I ordered the Scarlett dolls and wish I hadn’t – the red dress doll has a huge head, bent arms and a poor reproduction of the costume and the white ruffle dress doll looks like Vivian Leigh’s stunt double – then there’s the dolls of the world submission and it’s – Mexico – again ! Seriously ? They couldn’t have surprised us? Bet the next one will be Germany or Japan. I don’t know, I’m starting to loose patience with The poor quality and showing of Barbie Collector…

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