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Tons of new Collector Barbie dolls

July 25, 2014

Yesterday was an AMAZING day for all of us Barbie collectors. Tons and tons of amazing new collector Barbie dolls were unveiled at the National Barbie Convention. Here they are:

Mistress of The Manor Barbie doll from the Hauted Series

mistress of the manor barbie doll 2

mistress of the manor barbie doll
Via Shannon Elizabeth/The Doll Cafe

I love her! So fierce, so elegant and quite frigtening. Can’t wait for her to be available. :X

Venetian Masquarade Barbie doll from the Global Glamour series

Venetian Global Glamour
Via Life in Plastic

OMG! Linda has outdone herself. This girl is beautiful. I’ve waited for her for a long time now. If you remember she is a variation of the sketch Linda Kyaw donated to the Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2013 and of the OOAK doll she donated for last year’s IDC.

Masquerade-Beauty BArbie doll

The 3rd doll from the series was also sneaked as a beautiful sketch.

Via Life in Plastic

I do wish that it was another country (maybe Romania? :D ) but I bet she’ll be beautiful.

And here’s an IRL image of the Double Date Barbie set I told you about.

Double Date™ 50th Anniversary Giftset  IRL

Last but not least we have info about a new series by Bill Greening: Willows Wi.



Woa… That was a lot of info. Are you just as excited about these dolls as I am?

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  • Reply Christian July 25, 2014 at 4:19 pm

    I am excited about the Mistress of the Manor doll- the Venetian doll- I don’t like the face mold. She looks too harsh- almost Masculine. I don’t know why they would use that mold – hopefully they change it. I almost thought this doll was part of the haunted collection- like Haunted Venetuan Ball doll because of the diabolical look; dare I say, transvetite like. So are the dolls of the world out? Has the collection been discontinued ? It are they releasing the same countries again- Ireland , France. China, Mexico, Japan….. :(
    I really hope they keep
    The collection and add new nations – like in Eastern Europe, The Nordic and Balkan regions?

  • Reply Sho July 26, 2014 at 9:38 am

    Personally, I wasn’t thrilled at the new dolls. I was in fact disappointed. The Mistress of Manor doll looks old and I am not sure what’s her appeal and selling point. As for the Venetian doll, she looks like she was part of the Queen of Constellation series. Too fantasy. I am also not a fan of the silkstone and vintage barbie face. I am looking more for modern, fashion barbie, such as the Karl Lagerfeld one which really got me excited. I hope it will come with some Chanel or Fendi fashion besides Karl’s signature look, like how they did it for Herve Leger. These are just my views, no doubt there will be fellow collectors who would love these new dolls :)

  • Reply Novidades na linha Collector | Barbie Girl Collectible July 31, 2014 at 11:18 am

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  • Reply Laura August 4, 2014 at 6:43 pm

    I think I am really going to like Bill Greenings Willows,Wi collection. I’m not a fan or a collector of silkstones, but I might buy some of the outfits to fit my modelmuse dolls. I really wish they would release this collection with both Silkstone and modern versions, for those of us who like more modern Barbie collectibles.

    I don’t mind the Mistress of the Manor doll. I don’t plan to buy her. I’m curious to know which face mold was used though. The doll reminds me a little of a young Elizabeth McGovern.

    In regards to the Venetian doll, I agree with Christian. I find this doll very sinister looking. She reminds me of a wicked queen from a Disney cartoon. Maleficent comes to mind. I’ve never been a fan of the Louboutin face mold, which is what this doll has. The only doll I have ever liked with this mold was the Carol Ferris Green Lantern Barbie.

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