Inamorata OOAK Doll by Emilia Couture: Vatiter

A few days ago Emilia Couture has announced that she will only create high fashion OOAK dolls from now on because of the problems she’s encountered with the manufacturing factories. Here’s her statement:

So far Inamorata dolls have existed somewhere between the limited edition high end fashion doll market and the OOAK art dolls. We have done both, but due to the creative limitation posed by factories Emilia has decided to concentrate on OOAK dolls. She says that factory management and quality control she does not have enough time for the creative work and hates that she has to constantly compromise with the factory’s inability to produce the original concepts. “It is like making ready-to-wear instead of haute couture, and I want to make haute couture”. The factory painters also lack the capacity to breath a life into the dolls eyes – a point well illustrated by the fact Charmeuse (LE5) has been our most sought after LE doll as all 5 were hand painted by Emilia instead of the factory painted LEs based on Emilia’s prototype.

So, from this point on Inamorata name will only stand for 16″ haute couture art dolls. This means all the dolls will be hand painted by Emilia; all the fashions hand made by her. There will be small collections of OOAKs prepared for different doll expos around the world (schedules to be released later) and of course you will still be able to commission OOAK dolls like before. We are also considering the option of releasing blank nude dolls as this is requested almost daily, but we haven’t yet decided when and how: will they be ordered by commissions, or preordered in small patches of particular sculpt and skin tone made available periodically.

I think it’s a sad but wise decision. I’m sure there will not be a shortage of doll collectors that what such an exqusit and high end fashion doll in their collection.

The first doll presented after the release of the above statement is a gorgeous Charo sculpt in latte skin tone called Vatiter. She’s a private commision but we can still admire her.



You can see more of this gorgeous lady on Emilia’s Flickr.

Oriental Blue Lagoon OOAK Barbie doll by Magia2000

Magia 2000 has just published on their Facebook page a new stunning OOAK Barbie doll called Oriental Blue Lagoon.

Oriental Blue Lagoon by Magia2000

Oriental Blue Lagoon by Magia2000 detail

This is one of the most stunning oriental inspired dolls I have ever seen. Her head piece is so delicate yet complicated but what I really love is her yellow makeup. Such an unusual color for a makeup yet it looks amazing and matches perfectly her fashion. Whomever will own this doll will be one lucky collector.

Venetian Muse™ Barbie® Doll – pure perfection

Yes! She’s perfect! I’ve seen the Venetian Muse™ Barbie® Doll in IRL images from the National Barbie convention and now Mattel has released her promo pictures and she’s just as gorgeous. :X For me she has got to be the best doll this year. At least so far.


I’ve been waiting for this doll ever since last year when I attended the Paris Fashion Doll Festival and I met Linda Kyaw. At that time she told me she was working on the second doll from the Global Glamour collection and that doll was inspired by something from Europe. I told her she has to make her articulated because a lot of people want articulation in their dolls and I think she took my advice. :D Anyway this girl is just amazing! She’ll be available on September 2nd and her price is $100.

New Steffi Love UK website

Looks like the German fashion doll Steffi Love is going big in the UK. is the new online destination for all of Steffi’s fans. As you already know, I’m a fan of this doll and I’m glad that she’s getting more promotion.

Steffi Love UK

On the new website you have tons of fun stuff. The newest dolls and doll sets, music videos and contests.

There’s also a new line of Steffi Lobve dolls called Superstar. Not very crazy about the idea but they might have some nice accesories.

Simba Smoby Steffi Love Backstage Superstar

Simba Smoby Steffi Love Superstar

Can’t wait to see what they have planned next for Steffi.

New from Ninimomo: Miss Togo, Miss Seborga, Miss Isle of Man

Ninimomo has launched three new gorgeous dolls from their 2013/14 international pageant collection. Also the photos from the National Barbie Convention 2014 are up on their website. Check them out HERE.

Miss Togo 2013/14


Miss Seborga 2013/14


Miss Isle of Man 2013/14


How gorgeous is the last doll? :X Stunning!

London 2014 Sybarite Convention info

Superdoll London has announced the dates for their 2014 Sybarite London Convention. This year’s theme is Dammed Fabulous and the event will take place on the 24th and 25th of October. I so wish I could attend. :( Oh, well… Someday… Someday…

sybarite events

If you want to attend hurry up as the places are VERY limited due to the nature of the comemorative doll. So exciting! Can’t wait to see her. <3

Blue Bird OOAK Doll by The Black Swan Company

Yesterday The Black Swan Company has released their tenth doll in the ballerina series. Her name is Blue Bird and she was inspired by the “Sleeping Beauty” ballet.


This time they opted for a more edgy look and makeup that contrats beautifuly with the beaded feather dress. Check out below the images of the previous ballerinas. Which one is your favorite?

ballerina series balck swan company

Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2015 info and registration

It’s finally time to register for the 2015 Paris Fashion Doll Festival! yey! This year I couldn’t attend because I was pregnant and in mourning but next year we are planning on going. And by we I mean my husband, my little prince and I. :D can’t wait! I love Paris and we had such a great time last time we went to PFDF. :X


The fee is 125 euros ($167) and you can email Kathy about any info at Check out more info on the official blog.

See you in Paris!

Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2015