Barbie plans for 2015: new friends, new dolls

My friend Muhammed Bagci form is reporting that Mattel has released some info about their new plans for Barbie in 2015. Looks like they plan on rebranding her, giving her more friends and styles and making her more edgy. First they released a new friend called Mochino, the blonde doll with undercut.







Ohne Titel

Also they released some images of an upcoming Barbie movie that looks very cute.



Love them all, but Mattel, let me just ask you this:

Have you ever thought that instead of hunting the doll bloggers that help keep your brand alive you should actually thank them and help them? Just a thought.

The doll bloggers you like to scare into not writing about your products any more.

Magic Draculia OOAK Barbie by Magia 2000

Are you ready for Halloween? I will not have time this year to celebrate because this weekend I’m having my son’s baptism this weekend. :X But that doesn’t stop me from admiring some amazing dolls that were created by some of my favorite artists for this occasion.
Here’s is the trully creepy-fabulous Magic Draculia OOAK Barbie by Magia 2000 that the Italian duo released on Instagram today.

Magic Draculia Barbie

Magic Draculia by @magia2000 celebrates #halloween #ooak #fashion #doll

A video posted by @mario_magia2000 on

Those details! That makeup! WOW! Love, love, love her.

Linda Kyaw Q4 Designer Video by @BarbieCollector

One of my fave designers, Linda Kyaw, has sat down with Barbie Collector for a Q4 Designer Video. Check it out below. I’m a hurry right now so I’ll came back later with my thoughts on this.

LATER EDIT: Because people are accusing me of “stealing” this video, I deleted it but wanted to mention that I got the link from another doll collector Facebook page. I had no idea it was supposed to be secret as I’m not a member of the BC. So please, before accusing me, check your facts. :)

Couture at Avenue de l’Opera OOAK Barbie by Magia 2000

You now have the opportunity to purchase one of the amazing OOAK Barbie dolls by Magia 2000 that have been featured in their sold out book “Dreaming of Dolls” if you head over to The stunning Couture at Avenue de l’Opera OOAK Barbie was part of the exclusive collection introduced for the Barbie Retro Chic exibition at the Muse de la Poupe in Paris 02/11 09/13/2014 and featured in our first book Dreaming of dollsElegant transparencies in powdery shades, delicately handembroidered flowers that intertwine the French lace lined with light fleshcolored tulle.


The fantastic Italian duo has also released images of two more dolls. :X

Paris in red
Paris in red

Oriental garden
Oriental garden

Good luck to anyone bidding on this gorgeous doll.

Preorder Printess Serenity Pullip doll

The preorders for the Printess Serenity Pullip doll from the Sailor Moon series have started. You can preorder here on the following sites:


On BiJ you can order the limited edition that contains a Silver Crystal chain that can be put around the dolls neck. Check out more images of the doll below.

Sailor Moon - Pullip Princess Serenity5

Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Fashion packs and other new dolls

Mattel is finally starting to realize that the Barbie sales are going down because of the lack of imagination when it comes to the dolls and fashions so more and more interesting and realising fashion packs are being released. Check out these uber cute Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Fashion packs.


Don’t you think that the sweater with Pretty on it looks a lot like this Forever 21 Barbie sweater?


There also a lot of other dolls coming out that are sporting realistic fashions. Check out below the new Barbie Fashionistas Teresa and Nikki plus Barbie Style Grace and Nikki.

Judging by the new style of Barbie dolls do you think Mattel will manage to regain the no.1 spot as the world’s leading toy manufacturer?

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The Fifth Harmony Barbie dolls are here!

Some time ago I told you about the new Barbie anthem sung by girl group Fifth Harmony. To be perfectly honest that was the very first time I had heard of this group. Back then it was also stated that the girl will have their own Barbie doll line, just as Girls Aloud did back in 2007 (I think…). The dolls have just been unveiled and they are gorgeous! And YES! They have fkat feet. :D

Ally Fifth Harmony doll

Dinah Fifth Harmony doll

Fifth Harmony Camila doll

lauren Fifth Harmony doll

Normani Fifth Harmony doll

Here’s an image of the actual girls.


To be perfectly honest I don’t really care about the resemblance. I’m not a fan of the group so all I really care about is their bodies and their fashions and those are spot on! And is it just me or do they have flat articulated feet? :D Yey! Can’t wait to get them. :X

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