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New Barbie Collector fall 2014 dolls

November 6, 2014

There are three new sneaks on Barbie Collector. Can’t show you the image because you know… And yes, I got them from other websites, not fyi.
Anyway. Here they are:

fall 2014 barbie collector

Ballet Wishes® Barbie® Doll
Black and White Bathing Suit Barbie® Doll
Classic Evening Gown Barbie® Doll

Love the Ballet Wishes doll. The best one so far! She has new arms called *New* Ballet Arms. We don’t know the designer yet and the release date is 11/12/14.
The next one is, I’m soooooooooooo sorry to say this, boring. :( I don’t want another vintage baithing suite doll. Sorry, Bill Greening. Release Date: 11/12/14 She’s Black Label.
The third doll is the platinum doll for the 2015 club and she’s part of the B&W collection but Linda is not mentioned as the designer. I think she’s also designed by someone new. I’m totally underwhelmed with this doll. :( For a Platinum Label doll she is way too plane. Black mermaid gown, curly hair, some beading on the dress. It’s funny that the Pink Label doll is the one I like the most and that’s a good thing. I’m gonna spend my money on some other dolls. I think it’s time for a Poppy parker and some Vanessa. :D

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  • Reply Christian November 6, 2014 at 7:51 pm

    How disappointing. I guess the Dolls of the Workd got the axe :( That was my favourite collection, although some of the latest additions were snooze worthy. I agree with you – there are so many beautiful dolls at Integrity and even Tonner. I’ve only bought 2-3 Barbies this year, and if things continue as they are, probably less this year. I have been collecting Ever After and Monster High dolls – it’s amazing that they are part of the same company and yet, the quality ( in some cases, not all), is better. Oh well, we’ll have to see what 2015 brings….

  • Reply Janessa D November 7, 2014 at 9:51 am

    What would possess them to make ANOTHER blond #1 ponytail doll??? Judging from the picture they haven’t made any improvements over the last one at all. Why bother? How can there possibly be anybody left who wants one that doesn’t already have one???

    I actually like the platinum doll a lot. The face is great. The dress looks like a Barbie Look dress with some beads added to it. I would love her if she was $25…. It looks like a $25 doll.

  • Reply Christian November 7, 2014 at 7:19 pm

    Do they still do the collector panel? Because maybe they should bring that back although, we ended up getting choked by reproduction dolls :(
    Maybe they should not be distracted by the flashy video entries they get for the collectors panel and find people with substance. Just because a person can put together an entertaining entry doesn’t mean they have any taste when it comes to product . Mattel needs consultants who love the product, believe in the product and aren’t afraid to tell the designers that they have gone too far or not far enough. I don’t know who they’ve been asking , but the advice has been completely off. Just saying….

  • Reply Bluebelle November 9, 2014 at 3:22 am

    I’d avoid buying recent Poppy Parkers they have had a slew of quality issues lately.

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