Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2015 info

Are you ready to Vogue? I am! This year (finally) I’ll be attending one of the best doll conventions in the world! The Madrid Fashion Doll Show. :X


It is hosted by official Barbie Club “Coleccionistas de Fashion dolls en Madrid” and it will take place on 11th, 12th and 13th September at the elegant and confortable hotel “Ayre Gran Hotel Colón” which is near “Retiro Park” and the main cultural museum area.

The convention starts on Friday with collectors activities and panels. There will be a VOGUE Fashion show and a cocktail at the hotel gardens, “Ibiza Pink Party”. At the Party there will be special gifts, ruffles and surprises. On Saturday the party goes on with workshops and more activities. In the afternoon there will be a special themed “VOGUE” dinner party where collectors will have lots and lots of fun. Mattel is kindly donating convention souvenir dolls which will be “accessorized” by convention team to make these dolls unique and special. On the other hand, talented OOAK Spanish artist Marcelo Jacob and Mon-Lew (Lewis Gomez Pulido and Mónica Núñez del Castillo) will make an Exclusive Barbie doll for this convention dress in a Vogue Style. On Sunday there will be a salesroom with different kind of fashion dolls and a charity raffle where conventioneers can help with donations.

Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2015 will go on helping children through Charity NGO “Un juguete una illusion” (One child one Illusion). In 2014 it helped raise raise 5.500 Euros. This year Spanish designers as Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Modesto Lomba, Lorenzo Caprile Nacho Aguayo and we hope many more are sewing incredible fashions for OOAK Barbie dolls which will be auction on eBay. We also can say that many talented gold hearted OOAK artist are already involved for another beautiful charity project to help childhood.

If you are interested in this event you can join us on Facebook “Coleccionistas de Fashion dolls en Madrid”, you can check convention information on FB page “Madrid fashion Doll Show and the official website. For convention, donations, sponsors and salesroom information you can contact us at or

We wait for you! Pink Power!

Barbie Collector new site and catalogue

Things are really changing at Barbie Collector. Yesterday the members of the Barbie Fan Club got a sneak of the new catalogue and today the Barbie Collector website has a new look and a new logo and name. The new name of the community will be The Barbie Collection. Interesting. They have kept the old structure of the site and improved on the design. It’s more minimal, more modern and looks a lot sleeker. I actually like it. They do need to work a bit on the fonts because they are not as crisp as they should be, but, overall, I’m actually happy with the changes. Finally things are moving forward for us collectors also. I’ll be back today with a longer post about the new changes in the playline series but, until then, I would love to hear your thoughts on the new design.


BC 2015

Little Red Dress Barbie Silkstone doll and Superstar Forever Barbie Collection

Last night we got two sneaks on the Barbie Collector Forum. First is the AA Silkstone we already saw a while ago. Love her face and the fact that her hair has a lighter shade. Cute and elegant.

Little Red Dress Barbie® Doll (CGT26)
Designer: Robert Best
Label: Gold
Body Type: Silkstone
Release Date: Spring 2015

But I most excited about the Superstar Forever repro collection that will kick off with a doll dressed in the Dream Date fashion. :X We only got to see a sketch but I’m a;ready over the moon! You know I love the 80s and I also have an 80s Fanclub Page so I’m definetly getting this collection. Thank you, Mattel!!!!

Collection: Superstar Forever
Designer: Robert Best
Body Type: Model Muse with double bent arms
Release Date: Mid 2015

The original doll

Dream Date Barbie 2015

Akasha OOAK Barbie Doll by Refugio Rosa

Yesterday I had the INCREDIBLE opportunity of posting the first images of the stunning Akasha OOAK Barbie Doll created by Davvid Bocci of Refugio Rosa with the help of Krystle Díez Román who rerooted the hair.


This stunning doll is inspired by Queen Akasha from the Queen of The Damned movie featuring Aaliyah. I love that movie and I love the novels by Anne Rice so you can imagine how excited I was when I saw her. Be sure to check out Rufugio Rosa’s Facebook page to admire his other works of art. Yes, WORKS OF ART! :X

2015 Portuguese Doll Convention

This year a new European doll convention will open it’s doors for international collectors. The Portuguese Doll Convention will take place in the amazing Lisbon, on the 18th of April and you can now sign up for it HERE.

Portugal Barbie Convention 2015

The convention is sponsored by Mattel that has also donated the convention dolls. Can’t wait to see them. :X This year I’ll not be able to attend but next year I’m definetly going. I always wanted to visit Lisbon. Such an amazing city.

2015 Insurgent Tris Barbie doll images

Doll Genie has the new 2015 Insurgent Tris Barbie doll in stock and she looks better than the 2014 Divergent doll. Love her short hair and that zipper is actually cool even if it’s a bit oversized for Barbie’s proportions.

insurgent1 insurgent2

I’m quite a fan of this book and movie series. It’s good clean fun and I’m really looking forward to this movie. It may not have spectacular fashions like The Hunger Games but I still think it’s pretty cool.

Steffi Love 2015 dolls

Simba has released some new and cute Steffi Love dolls and I just had to share them with you. I was wondering if you would like me to do a Steffi Love contest. Would anybody be interested in that?

Steffi Love Step Up Puppe

Steffi Love Step Up Puppe

How come Simba can do leg warmers out of fabric and Mattel only does plastic ones? /:)

Steffi Love Fashion Leggings

Steffi Love Fashion Leggings

Steffi Love Be Yourself

Steffi Love Be Yourself2

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