Akasha OOAK Barbie Doll by Refugio Rosa

Yesterday I had the INCREDIBLE opportunity of posting the first images of the stunning Akasha OOAK Barbie Doll created by Davvid Bocci of Refugio Rosa with the help of Krystle Díez Román who rerooted the hair.


This stunning doll is inspired by Queen Akasha from the Queen of The Damned movie featuring Aaliyah. I love that movie and I love the novels by Anne Rice so you can imagine how excited I was when I saw her. Be sure to check out Rufugio Rosa’s Facebook page to admire his other works of art. Yes, WORKS OF ART! :X

8 thoughts on “Akasha OOAK Barbie Doll by Refugio Rosa

  1. My daughter watches queen of the damned all day every day and she would love this doll can you please tell me how much and where it can be purchased.

  2. Beautiful! I’ve always loved Akasha as a character. I would definitely buy the doll if they were available.

  3. Please tell me if you make this Akasha doll as a special order for those that want to purchase? I HAVE TO HAVE THIS DOLL!

  4. I would love to purchase one of these dolls for my daughters sweet 16 birthday … She absolutely loves this character… This would mean the world to her.

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