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Why ruin the convention excitement, Mattel?

March 3, 2015

Why oh why? As you all know by now, Mattel has revealed the convention dolls for the 2015 National Convention and looks like they also revealed the doll for the Japanese and European conventions. What were they thinking?! Yes, the dolls are lovely and I can’t wait to get the red haired one in 3 variations because the Milan and the Madrid ones will be customized, but I just can’t understand the reason behind this decision.

Spotlight on Broadway Barbie dolls
2015 National convention doll

I think Mattel just doesn’t understand how the internet goes. They’ve seen a lot of collectors excited for sneaks and now they think we want everything sneaked ahead of time. NO! Not the convention dolls! That’s such a BIG part of the convention fun. Waiting for the gala dinner, tearing the paper so you can open the box and be amazed by the beauty of the doll, quickly taking pictures so that you can share them online. That’s so much fun and it generates so much excitement online. And now all of that is gone. Ruined in a flash.

Bad, bad decision, Mattel. Please go back to the “old ways” next year.

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