DressYourDoll 2015 collection

DressYourDoll is a Belgium company that wants to teach kids to learn how to sew themselves fashions for their dolls. I’ve heard of them some time ago and I think the concept is so cute. I have no idea how to sew and I wish I had a kit like this when I was younger. They have fabrics, accesories and outfits that you just have to piece together and sew.


DressYourDoll makes it fun and easy for children to make dolls clothes for their fashion dolls.

From super-easy to more difficult: the preprinted patterns on stretchy non-fraying fabric allow you to sew a trendy outfit for your fashion doll in no time at all. Simply cut along the edge of the pattern and sew along the dotted lines.

Our colourful self-made dolls fashion collection challenges and inspires. Do you fancy making your own creations? The attached patterns on paper are a good start!

Yesterday they released their 2015 collection and I must say they are so cute.

Mix n Match Pastel

Mix n Match Pink

Mix n Match Grunce

Mix n Match Red

Fresh colors, great patterns and just lovely outfits all together. :X
They also have an Around The World Collection that now features the kimono, the kaftan and the sari.

You can read more about their collection of the official blog. If you want to buy their sets, fabrics and accesories head over to the Shop section of their website.

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