Golden Eternity – Portugal Convention extra Doll

April 18, 2015

My dear friends Macelo Jacob and Mónica Núñez del Castillo (Monlew) have teamed up yet again to create a beautiful doll for the Portuguese Convention that is taking place as we speak.

portugal girl 2

Golden Eternity Barbie.
Limited edition Extra doll 25 pieces
Convention doll Portugal “”Os saudosos anos 80″

Golden Eternity Barbie has a special meaning for Portuguese collectors as Maria Campos, president of the Portuguese Doll Collector Club and Chairwoman at Official Barbie convention in Portugal, has express herself:

… This is the way we will keep this girl in our hearts: Shining and forever…

We chose our convention theme for this year to be “Os saudosos anos 80″ (the wistful 80’s) as this was the decade that officially introduced Barbie to the Portuguese market and because most of us, Portuguese collectors, played with Barbie dolls then and we have fantastic memories from that decade.
A fact is that decade brought us an exclusive Barbie, made exclusively for the Portuguese market and that’s why “Augustus Barbie” is one of my favorite Barbie dolls from the 80´s. As she is so special, that doll inspired us to create an exclusive limited edition of 25 dolls, initially only for the people who worked with us in the convention this year, but soon we notice that she will be so, but so amazing, that we would love to share this gorgeous with other Portuguese collectors! Special thanks and congratulations to all the lucky ones.

“Golden Eternity” is an actual doll with an 80’s inspiration for the 2nd Portuguese Doll Convention. A golden recreation of one of the most exclusive dolls we have and will surely stay in our hearts forever.
We were lucky to know talented Marcelo Jacob and Mónica Nuñéz last year at Madrid Fashion doll show convention, they offer their help to make something special for us for our party and they did.
As Portuguese collectors know Barbie dolls in the 80´s came and were made in Spain and this is what has happened again with this glorious doll
It is great how Barbie joins people from many countries and helps to make new friends.
We wait for you in Portugal with our arms opened to enjoy our favorite doll.

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