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My time at the Italian Doll Convention 2015 Part 1

May 19, 2015

Life is back to normal. The 2015 IDC is now a sweet and cherished memory and I am finally home. This past weekend has been one of the best times I’ve ever had. Full of love, dolls and amazing friends. Yes, I have missed my baby boy A LOT and I talked about him non stop but everybody managed to make me feel amazing. I can honestly say just thinking about this past weekend brings tears of happiness to my eyes. The dolly world is amazing and full of beautiful people.

I arrived on the Linate airport on Friday and there I met Hafizh, a gorgeous soul and a sweet friend. Keep your eyes opened for this talented guy ’cause he’s about to launch some incredible fashions for dolls, inspired by Indonesia.


After meeting with his boss (he is part of the organizing team of the Indonesia pavilion at the World Expo that’s taking place in Milan) and a friend we went to our hotel, Regency Hotel. Unfortunately we weren’t able to book a room at Melia but this cute little hotel was perfect. I highly recommend it. Once we got to the hotel we were greeted by the uber talented Marcelo Jacob. I’m so glad I finally got to meet and spend time with this amazing guy. You can feel his passion, love and talent just by talking to him for 5 minutes. And his fashions… OMG! Mattel, pay attention to this guy. His doll fashions are exactly how a high end doll fashion should look.


Even if I was tired, we went to Melia to find Monica NuΓ±ez del Castillo and greet everyone. Mario, Gianni, my beloved Francesco Ruffino and Ibrahim were also there and I got to meet Luis Gomez, Jonathan NuΓ±ez Vizcaino, Javier Dominguez, Doug Martinez, Aaron Van Dijk and Alex Jauregui. A sweet present from Dani Crea en Rosa and the convention doll from the Portugal convention were waiting for me and Marcelo was also gifted me one of his amazing dresses. Trust me, the photos doesn’t do the dress justice.


We spent some time chatting and looking at the beautiful doll Mon-Lew C&D (Monica and Luis) created for the charity auction.

And that was it for Friday. On Saturday, early in the morning we got up, got our swag on and went back to Melia to register and get our gift bag.


We got lots of goodies in it. As always the bag from IDC is amazing. I also got a chance to see the raffle doll created by Aaron Van Dijk (AVD Doll) that another lucky collector won. :(( Yes, Monica and I are gelous.


Next stop, Rogier‘s workshop with miniatures. I forgot to sign up so I just went and took some pictures and then got to hang out with Ibrahim and Doug in the hotel’s lobby. The Juventus football team was staying at the hotel and everybody was excited about this. Everybody but us. :)) Who cares about football when you have dolls and gorgeous doll collectors to hang out with? :D


Did I mention how cool Rogier’s mom is?! OMG, so beautiful and sweet. :X Too bad I didn’t take a picture with her. :((

And then I got another dress from Marcelo. :)) This is my favorite. Marcelo found some vintage fabric from the UK and created this little piece of art. It even has pockets! And I have the prototype. :X


The evening started with the Fashion Show. Check out below some images made by my friend Francesco. I’ll upload my videos later.

Italian doll convention fahion show 2015

Posted by Francesco Ruffino on Saturday, May 16, 2015

It was a blast we had so much fun. But I’ll have to stop here for now. Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about the dinner gala and the sales room so stay tuned!

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