Beautiful new dolls from DANIDOLLS

Another wonderfull doll company from Korea, DANIDOLLS, is launching two new stunning dolls that will be delivered starting July 13th.

All beauteous things, DANI
*PRE-ORDER* Estimated delivery date 13 July 20
Price $380

all_beauteous_things_s_DANI 01

all_beauteous_things_s_DANI 2

On Avenue Montaigne, DANI
*PRE-ORDER* Estimated delivery date 6 July 20
Price $360

on_avenue_montaigne_s_DANI 01

on_avenue_montaigne_s_DANI 02

on_avenue_montaigne_s_DANI 03

Be sure to check out their other dolls on the official website. I think this company needs more promotion. Their creations are breathtaking!


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