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Queen of The Night OOAK Barbie doll by Betoral

August 31, 2015

New OOAK doll artist alert! Let me introduce you to Betoral. What’s Betoral? Betoral is a project born from the love for art, dolls and sewing but also the anagram of the artist’s name, Alberto. He previously worked in “LondonDolls Team project” and now has the opportunity to show his skills and create works generated by his imagination and dreams.

His first project is called Queen of The Night and it’s inspired by the wonderful Mozart opera “The Magic Flute“.


The Queen of the Night is the primary antagonist in Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart’s famous 1971 opera The Magic Flute.
She is first introduced as the desperate mother whose beloved daughter was kidnapped, but it ultimately appears that she is in fact the villain of the story, who wants to steal the powerful Circle of the Sun. She’s usually connected to the figure of the moon, this is one of the reasons the artist used dark colors for this doll. The reflecting circles that surround her recall the space style (Sci-Fi) that is mixed with bright lights and sequins with metallic colours.

The round crown contains her high beehive hairstyle, used mainly in the 60s. Doll’s face is entirely hand-painted and freely based on the make-up of the soprano Luciana Serra in the opera “The Magic Flute”, silver and blue of the night are juxtapose like the brightness of the stars in the dark sky. Black plumes and faux leather elements gives her an aggressive attitude, softened by a wide skirt in dark blue satin fabric illuminated by a precious net formed with electric blue sequins and decorative motifs.

The tall black leather boots enclose the legs and show us a pattern of beads, sequins and swarosky; same motifs is located on the bodice and arm. She holds in her hand an unusual accessory, a dagger decorated with faux leather and lights with two tails of crystals, beads and sequins.

This beautiful doll will be on sale today, on eBay. Stay tuned on my Facebook page to find out the link of the auction.

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