OOAK Zendaya Barbie doll by Carlyle Nuera

The fabulous and uber talented Carlyle Nuera has unveiled the OOAK Zendaya Barbie doll he created. The doll was just presented at the Barbie Rock N Royals Concert Experience and she’s stunning!

zendaya barbie23

I know mass producing a doll like this could cost a LOT of money, but she should at least be made into a Platinum Edition. Just gorgeous! That hair and those eyes! Totally in love.


Hunger Games Mockingjay Peeta Mellark Ken doll 2015?

Could this be the real deal? The Hunger Games Mockingjay Peeta Mellark second Ken doll?

peeta ken doll


With the nation of Panem in a full scale war, Katniss confronts President Snow in the final showdown. Teamed with a group of her best friends – including Gale, Finnick and PEETA – Katniss goes off on a mission with the unit from District 13 as they risk their lives to liberate the citizens of Paneum, and stage an assassination attempt on President Snow who has become increasingly obsessed with destroying her. The mortal traps, enemies, and moral choices that await Katniss will challenge her more than any arena she faced in the Hunger Games

Found it HERE.

That suit looks very interesting. Can’t wait to see more detailed and HQ images.

2016 Barbie playline dolls and sets plus new body!

New dolls from the 2016 playline series have been leaked on the internet. I have already posted them on my Facebook page so I thought I might post them here too because I have an additional piece of info.

barbie 2016

barbie 2016a

barbie 2016b

barbie 2016c

barbie 2016d

barbie 2016e

barbie 2016f

barbie 2016g

I have received info that the new 2016 playline bodies will have 18 points of articulation! Yes, you read it corectly. 18 POINTS OF ARTICULATION! Can we say THANK YOU< MATTEL? I have an image of the prototypes but I'm not sure if I should post it. Here's a blurred version. I hope you understand why I'm not releasing the clear image. ;)

new articulated Barbie body 2016 blured

Stay tuned for more info soon! I’m not done yet with the 2016 surprises. :D

Madrid Fashion Doll Convention 2015 part 2

I’m back with my story! So, after the 16″ event, I went up to my room, took a shower and went down to meet with Brani Mladenov, the talented designer who did all the artwork for the convention, so we could go out and try to find a vintage toy shop. In the lobby we stumbled upon Jesus Martinez of Creaciones Neo who helped us get to the center of the town. Of course we couldn’t find the damn shop, but we still got to shop a bit and enjoy ourselves. We also met Lionel Masson and Christelle Baudry who were so kind and gifted me with the uber cute LA Girl Fashionista. I love her!

la girl

la girl2

la girl3

Tired, but happy, I went back to the hotel to get ready for the gala dinner. My gorgeous Ibrahim helped me with my hair and makeup and off I went. The gala dinner room was beautiful and my table was AMAZING! Rogier was my table host and the table was so full of gifts that I just could not put my purse anywhere. :)) Here’s what I got.



From Alex Jauregui we got a beautiful doll created by Jesus Medina. :X

Rogier gave us one of his miniatures and his mother gave us the amazing 10 YEARS: 10th ANNIVERSARY SILKSTONE BARBIE BOOK.


I also got a tone of sweets from Mexico (Alex), Marcelo Jacob fashions, jewels and a scepter for the Spotlight on Broadway Barbie made by Creaciones Neo and tons of other stuff.

The center pieces were some really handsome Karl Lagerfeld Ken‘s paired with the lovely ladies from the charity auction. There were also other dolls on the other tables and we had a beutiful candy lady that ruled over the sweets bar. :D

I also got a chance to see live the dolls created by Carlye Nuera for the charity auction.



The evening was filled with magic, laughts, contests and lots of surprises. The lovely Maria Barlin Boguslavsky presented a special project she did with the famous Isralian designers Nataly A. Shevilly and Jacob Douk. The theme of the shoot was the Barbie World.

Photography: Tatyana Fermon
Styling and Makeup: Moran Bensh
Hair: Roman Hanetskiy
Retouch: Tatyana Fermon and Vasiliy Barbier

At one of the contests held I won a Dior purse and CK wallet created by Ana Villan. How cute is it?


And then the most important moment of the evening finally came!! At this convention, besides the Spotlight on Broadway Barbie doll, we had the opportunity to get a second doll created by Luis Gomez, Marcelo Jacob, Monica Nuñez del Castillo and Brani Mladenov. Her name is Pop Art Vogue Barbie and she was inspired by an 90s Versace dress.

Pop Art Vogue Barbie

Pop Art Vogue Barbie6

The wonderful designers.


The evening ended with a party and then off to bed because on Sunday I had to wake up early and set up my table at the sales room. But that’s another story. ;)

RUMOR ALERT: Barbie Look 2016

I’m interupting my MFDS 2015 report to bring you a rumor alert: acording to my friend Muhammed Bagci, the 2016 Look Barbie Dolls will have a runway inspired theme with crazy patterns! So far there are 3 dolls in the series: a blonde, a brunette and an AA doll.

barbie look 2016

Fanart. This is NOT an official Mattel image.

Can’t wait to see them! I also have another piece of beyond exciting news for you but I’m not allowed to post it yet. It. Will. BLOW. Your. Mind! Trust me! Stay tuned!

Madrid Fashion Doll Convention 2015 part 1

I can’t believe the convention is over and now I have to wait for 363 days for the 2016 Madrid Fashion Doll Convention to start. Lol! I had an amazing time in Madrid and I can’t wait to get back and meet everybody again.


I arrived on Friday at noon after a 4 hour flight that was also delayed. The joy… After meeting with Maria Cristina Lemmi at the airport, I managed to drag my luggage to the hotel and unpack. Well, sort of unpack because I just threw my luggage on the floor, changed in the clothes for the Pink Party and head out to grab some lunch with Cristina, Ibrahim, Francesco, Jesus and the always lovely Lorena Sullivan at a small restaurant just near our hotel. The convention took place at the Ayre Gran Hotel Colon, a lovely hotel with a gorgeous garden where that evening’s party took place.

Right before the convention, we enjoyed a great Fashion Show where Luis Gomez was a FIERCE Karl Lagerfeld Barbie doll and Maria Barlin Boguslavsky was the Madrid Premiere Beauty Barbie doll.

fashion show

pink party

The pink party was full of laughters, joy, a great sangria and some gorgeous dolls designed by my dear Marcelo Jacob. I spent the evening laughing with Rogier, his mom, Francesco and Edgar and “hating” everybody that got to win one of Marcelo’s dolls. :)) Yes, I’m jealous!


Sorry, Edgar for not including your head. My hand was not long enough. I do need one of those selfie sticks. :))

Official Images

Ibiza Pink party doll

There were two types of dolls. One had a romper one and the other was a giftset that also included a skirt and a bag. Simply stunning! Marcelo is BEYOND talented!

At around midnight I gave in to exhaustion and went to bed. I had two full days ahead and I had to sleep to charge my batteries. :))

On Saturday I started the day by visiting Madrid a bit and going to the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum where 2 special expositions are taking place. The first was the Vogue Like a Painting expo with images from the Vogue archive that resemble paintings and the other was with the paintings of Spanish artist Zurbaran. I’m so sorry I didn’t have time to visit the Prado Museum but my schedule was really tight.


After quickly going through the museum, we rushed to the hotel for the unvealing of the Jamie Show Demi Couture Eshe Exclusive MFDS doll.

Demi Couture Eshe

At the same event there was a gorgeous 16″ diorama created by several doll colletors and featuring miniatures by Russian Artist KOLOBOK (Elena Djoma). These food miniatures was so realistic they just blew my mind!



When the event ended I quickly run to my room to get ready for the gala event but I’ll tell you more about that in my next blog post. ;) Stay tuned!

EXCLUSIVE Miss Madrid 2015 by Ninimomo

My dear Nik and Marie from Ninimomo have created another stunning beauty for the charity auction at The Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2015. Allow me to introduce you to Miss Madrid 2015!

miss madrid1

miss madrid11

In additon to full facial makeover, rooted lashes, fully lined gown and pantyhose this delegate features:
– 100% silk charmeuse body of gown in black
– custom hand-painted in a filigree pattern
– pattern covered in hand-sewn beadwork and swarovski crystal rhinestones
– unusual black silk chiffon sleeves feature open back and ruffled cuffs
– flounce of gown consists of multiple tiers of black lace on silk chiffon
– hundreds of swarovski crystal rhinestones have been added throughout lace
– swarovski crystal rhinestone jewelry
– pink custom sparkled peinetas adorn hair
– eye color: bronze metallic / lip color: carnation
– doll formerly: “Exotic Beauty Barbie”

Cam’t wait to see this beauty up close and personal. On the 11th I’ll be leaving for Madrid so get ready for a tone of images and info as I’ll be live blogging from there.