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November 2, 2015

I am in a very emotional state right now and I’m not going to lie, but I think this just makes me see things more clear. Robert Best has announced, just a week before the release, that the Moschino dolls will also be available on the Barbie Collection website starting November 9th. Full stop. Just that. A freaking date. No word on the quantities, no word on how many dolls have been sent to physical shops, nothing. JUST A STUPID DATE!

I’m sure Robert is not al fault. I’m actually positive about this. The people responsible for yet another fiasco waiting to happen are the ones from the PR department and whoever else makes these kind of decisions regarding an exclusive and highly anticipated doll. How can you have ANOTHER release with no exact hour, no nothing really? I have come to the conclusion that they just want us to fight yet again on a doll, create a huge buzz, blow the secondary market prices sky high so they can sit back and gloat at how amazing the Barbie brand is doing.

IDIOTS!!!!!! We are not starving dogs that fight for a piece of meat. We are not scavengers! We are your collectors and we need RESPECT! You can keep you doll. I’m not going to stoop to this level for a doll. I’m not going to sit day and night to wait for some info and then be given vital information just a few days or maybe hours before the release. I like the dolls but you can have mine. I have dignity and I intend to keep it. I’m sick of fighting, of people complaining about others that have bought dozens of dolls and are reselling them for huge prices on eBay. I’m sick of it all.

I’m going to give my money to a company that sens emails in advance with all the info necesary. You have destroyed my joy of collecting new Barbie dolls. Congrats. Please continue to ignore me and everybody else that tells you your strategy sucks. We are just vermins to you.

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  • Reply Andulicka November 2, 2015 at 6:51 pm

    That´s sad, they can´t wonder that than people stop to collect their dolls.

  • Reply Christian November 2, 2015 at 8:15 pm

    I’m with you- I’ve seen my love for Barbie fade because of the politics of collecting. I remember a time when I had nearly every doll flagged in the catalogue for purchase- now, I’m lucky to have even one flagged for purchase. The quality and the lack of respect for collectors are to blame for this. You simply don’t know what kind of product you will get when u order , esp after being lured by the promo pic . For me, the Tokidoki fiasco really made me realize how much Mattel plays with our minds. They know the doll would be in great demand and yet, they made it a chore to order and nearly impossible to find the platinum edition. They say it was fair and yet the next day in EBay, a scalper was selling the doll for $700 and boasted in the body of their listing ‘ .. Ultra limited doll. I was able to get several of these and have more available that I will be listing”. I was so pissed- the process was so ‘fair’ and yet there were people ( and I use the word loosely), that were able to get several and were scalping a $ 75 doll from $500- $1,000 !!!
    I’m with you- keep ur dolls Mattel- I’m taking my business elsewhere. ??

  • Reply LJR November 3, 2015 at 12:37 am

    What bothers me more was when they developed ‘Fashionistas’ & then removed the upper body articulation in the girls & the knee articulation in the guys – which you wouldn’t know about until you bought it. They gradually removed articulated joints at another new point with each release & they still call them ‘Fashionistas’ with NO articulation. I didn’t even know That the ‘Life in the Dreamhouse’ had that original ‘Fashionistas’ articulation until I saw it on a blog. Bad move Mattel – bet they would have sold better. Now there are ‘Life in the Dreamhouse’ w/o articulation. Sigh. I recently bought the ‘Barbie Style’ with ankle articulation & they wasted R-D time changing the leg joint because it’s worse… & they’ve used a different plastic on it & everything since ‘Life in the Dreamhouse’- 2 of mine have cracked thighs. In the new fully articulated bodies they messed up perfectly wonderful hands & it appears they left out the upper body articulation & put it in the waist – more waste of time with R&D . It will probably be that new plastic which, BTW, smells too plasticy. ugh.

  • Reply Champagne Star November 3, 2015 at 3:05 am

    FYI All dolls go on sale on Barbie Collectors website at 9am PST, so this is likely when this doll will go on sale on November 9th.

    I completely agree with everything you’ve said. I’m actually thinking about not renewing my BCF membership next year, and next year will also likely be the last year that I buy any new dolls for a while. I am dissatisfied with the way the collectors dolls have been handled in general, and considering there are only 2000 of these dolls available worldwide, I can definitely see this turning into another fiasco like the Toki-doki Platinum dolls. I just don’t understand why Mattel makes these dolls in such limited quantities. They know a lot of people want them, so they would actually make more money buy making more of them available. It does seem like an insult and lack of respect to their collectors.

  • Reply Milo November 3, 2015 at 7:55 am

    All this and many similar incidents before have actually spoiled my pleasure of collecting Barbie dolls. Even my dealer of many years is tired of the way Mattel is acting and nowadays won’t take in most of the new dolls as there’s always problems with the finishing (the recent fish eyes on Look Barbie and TokiDoki and badly finished eyes on silkstone), dealer discounts etc. Also the’s policy of not shipping outside of the States (or Canada) is ridiculous as almost all the companies nowadays will do that. It’s just that Mattel has stucked in the old habits and no-one is willing to change them and shake up the attitudes.
    Just compare to Integrity Toys which really cares for it’s customers and their wishes. And all the information about upcoming dolls is accurate. No-brainer which company I will support in the future…

  • Reply Lena November 8, 2015 at 5:22 am

    I guess I don’t understand what the big deal is. The box for the Moschino Barbie is Gold Labeled meaning 25,000 or less which means you have better odds of finding one than the Platinum Label Tokidoki doll. The price point for both Tokidoki dolls was an easy sell. I was one who missed the original Tokidoki doll, so I had a goal to get both or one of the anniversary dolls. I like the Moschino fashion line tie in to Barbie, however it doesn’t hold the same sentiment to me for collecting as the other dolls. If you are outside of the US, then I understand the frustration of getting the doll because you might not have the same chances to find the doll at regular price. — As for Integrity Toys, I disagree with the comment about them being accurate about doll releases. I have been waiting forever to hear about the American Horror Story: Coven dolls. These dolls should have been out by now but it looks like they pushed the release date back.

    • Reply Ada November 8, 2015 at 12:13 pm

      25,000? I’d wish! There are just 2000 of them made. Not sure if 2000 caucazian and 2000 AA or 2000 for both, but definetly not 25,000. Look:
      It doesn’t matter if I’m outside the US. I have a shipping buddy. This time it’s not about Mattel not shipping outside the US, it’s about them playing idiotic games with their collectors. I know about the AHS dolls issue with Integrity but it’s just a problem they have. Mattel has severa and Mattel never ever sends out emails with exact release details like IT does.

  • Reply Lena November 9, 2015 at 8:12 pm

    Sorry, I quoted the estimate edition for Silver not Gold. I’m new to this collector edition business. It was different back in 2003. I just saw this all unfold this morning. Some collectors were happy to get one but others were not happy because they were not given enough information on when the sale would occur. I get it now.

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