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New Barbie bodies: Curvy, Petite and Tall

January 28, 2016

Mark this day in your calendar ’cause it’s the day Barbie has shut down it’s haters. Mattel has unveiled today the new bodies Barbie and her friends will have besides the classic “ideal proportions” one.

Curvy, Tall and Petite are the new sizes of Barbie’s body and I love them! I’m not the kind of person, or collector, that has thought that Barbie is or should be realistic but I’m glad now she is because this way people can stop complaining about her body image and focus on other things.

barbie time cover

Now Barbie has supermodel proportions but also has a curvy body, a tall and slim one and a petite and cute one. Now she is trully a model for everybody!! Haters, shut up!

Curvy Barbie


Petite Barbie


Tall Barbie


Love, love, love them! The only bad thing is that they are exclusive to the Mattel shops and that’s not ok. But we’ll see if they pop up in “normal” stores from all over the world. Shop them now HERE.

Check out a video of the new dolls on Time Magazine’s website HERE.

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  • Reply Laura January 29, 2016 at 12:17 am

    A lot of these dolls are absolutely gorgeous! I love the diversity! I think the “curvy” Barbie is a great idea, because Mattel has never made a fashion doll with these proportions before. I think the “petite” Barbie is a nice idea as well, although I think that all Mattel has done is put a Barbie head onto the body of Barbie’s little sister Teen Skipper. It will be interesting to see if Skipper and Petite Barbie have the same measurements, once this new doll line is available for purchase. I don’t know why Mattel needs to make a “tall” Barbie doll though. Barbie is already tall. All in all though, many of the dolls in this line are very pretty.

  • Reply Yudayajin-Samurai January 29, 2016 at 1:07 am

    The “curvy” barbie is actually FAT. As much as I think promting anorexia is bad, so is promting obesity and I found it disgusting and ugly, thank you feminists ––3oY . However, I’m really happy for the short barbie^^, I hope they will make articulated version of them as well or even an adult collector Bjork*-*. Generally, I think short women look more feminine.

    • Reply Ada January 29, 2016 at 1:29 pm

      Well that means I’m fat. I have hips almost as wide as the doll’s because I gave birth a year and a half ago and my priority has been to breastfeed and to take care of some health problems my son has. :) I’m so going to buy the curvy dolls!

      • Reply Yudayajin-Samurai January 29, 2016 at 3:19 pm

        There is a great difference between being temporarily fat like after birth then to being always fat. I’m chubby, but I’m not lying to myself that I’m pretty and healthy, this is stupid. If USA going to see rise in heart attack and diabetes numbers, we will knew who to blame…

  • Reply Lydia January 29, 2016 at 3:53 am

    This is such such such exciting news! I will definitely be getting some of these!! I love that dolls are starting to celebrate different body shapes and such!! This makes me very happy, thanks for posting :D

  • Reply Christian January 29, 2016 at 6:31 pm

    Stylistically, these dolls are cool. I love the fashions and hair colors….
    However, the curvy doll looks off- not every version, just a few of them- I’m thinking like the blue haired and blinds… I think what’s off is that the faces are not proportionate to the bodies- so in essence u have a standard face on a slightly curvaceous body- looks strange but for some reason, it translates better in some of the other dolls.
    I think the concept is interesting but I just have a few points is like to share:
    1. The fact that these dolls are labeled curvy, tall and petite- isn’t that still labeling people and drawing attention to body types? They are labeled that way on the site – shouldn’t they have just released the dolls as just Barbies?
    2. I kind of agree with the comment about children and being overweight. True we don’t want kids to have unrealistic body images to model themselves after but we don’t want kids to be okay with poor diets and exercise regimes either. The majority of obesity in the US is caused not by genetic issues but because people simply eat whatever they want and are not active . True people gain weight after birth, etcetera but let’s face it- the majority just don’t eat balanced. As a health care worker , I can’t tell you how many obese children I’ve encountered and not because of a metabolic disorder because parents won’t adhere to healthy choices. They’d rather not fight with their kid than tell them no. Research has shown obesity, etcetera as possible contributing factors to adult diseases like cancer if proper nutrition is not followed and that’s only the beginning …so we shouldn’t condone role models that tell children that being overweight is just fine because it isnt
    3. Where are they going to stop? Will Ken get a makeover because his body is an ideal as well. Not only is he sending a message to boys, whom also feel the pressure of body image, but show girls what an ideal man should look like- reverse objectification. Does Mattel not care about their male customers or are they only interested in girls? Because men and boys are also being told that their bodies are not perfect unless they looke like a superhero or make fitness model. Unfortunately unfortunately society doesn’t really bother to address that issue and I guess neither does Mattel. All these feminists sound off about female objectification but what men? Look at teen shoes geared toward girls ; look at soap operas – the men are objectified and feminists don’t care. I say forget about male and female- we should focus on human beings and make sure that everyone is treated fairly and equally regardless of their sex.

    • Reply Ada January 30, 2016 at 12:23 pm

      I totally agree about children being obese and having bad eating habbits. A lot of mothers still introduce solids at 3-4 months old and by the time the children are 1 year old they eat everything. And by everything I mean pork meat, lots of salt, sugar etc. So yes, that’s an issues. But these dolls are just a response to the overwhelming demand for more body types for Barbie. Ken is kind of irrelevant. Lol. Yes, that’s sad but that’s just the truth. people ALWAYS focus on women’s bodies and forget about men’s bodies. A lot of things must change and this will not happen over night. For me, as a collector and a mother, these dolls just mean that I don’t have to hear as many complaints about Barbie and her body.

    • Reply Yudayajin - Samurai January 30, 2016 at 7:49 pm

      You know why nobody whines about the “lacking” of fat/dwarf ken? because boys don’t care about this stupid nonsense like hypocrite femeinsts ! All this body image is a complete nonsenes, you really think children are that stupid to percive body image from toys?! I remember as young girl judging fashion dolls by these three elements only ; clothes, makeup and hair. Why do you think childern sometimes like to run naked?! Because children have a differnet, more general and naive perception about body. They don’t have the same way of thinking like adults. Toys not ment to be realistic, they ment to be stylised like cartoons! I’m tired of of left agenda; “Everyone is beautiful” which is a complete lie (beauty is not everything) and “stop labeling” people – Labling is what allow us to tell apart beteween certain things, It doesn’t necessary mean to be bad stigma. For an exmple Asian person and European person- they have differnet cultures and physical appearance. However , I am against the FAT barbie, she does preach that being FAT is healthy and pretty, I would pefer anyday stylised skinny doll then realistic FAT doll.

  • Reply misskale January 30, 2016 at 5:15 pm

    Unfortunately I’m too young for remembering any debate, but not too young to have missed having them as toys but, was there debate over any of the 3 to 4 McDonald’s Barbie playsets, the ice cream playsets, the Coca-Cola playsets, the chocolate shop playset or the pastry shop playsets? What about the Barbies sold with chocolate easter baskets or in happy meals? The fact that the Barbie refrigerators are all stocked with soda pop, ice cream and cake?

    Seriously, those in my mind are much bigger problems than showing different body types where the curvy is maybe a size 14 or 16. Seeing someone heavier is not going to cause the children playing with the dolls be obese, but it will make them a little less likely to bully someone who may be. But, I could see a bigger problem if all a child is shown is glamorizing eating an unbalanced diet.

    I’m in favor of these different bodies and the increase in skin/eye/hair colors. It makes them more inclusive, and having a diverse group of dolls is more interesting than quadruplets.

  • Reply Christian January 31, 2016 at 8:42 pm

    I see your point although I don’t completely agree re : Ken because if it is true that a doll like Barbie can shape girls perspectives about body image then it is therefore shaping their images about men’s bodies and what they should appear like. That in itself is dangerous in that one hand they are being positively impacted by the body shape introductions but on the other they are being molded with potentially negative ideals that can have a grave impact others – so to adopt one perspective toward a particular gender and ignore another is bordering on hypocrisy. Beyond dolls, girls get their body images and worth from home – how are mom, dad, whomever may be raising these children responding to pictures, movies or people in real life? Are they constantly berating or laughing or teasing about curvy bodies or perhaps criticizing their own bodies? I know that I’ve often heard patients explain to me that when they were children they had problems with weight and didn’t want that for their children- so my question is, are they hearing mom complain about her this or that in front of the mirror thereby forming an understanding for the child of beauty and what is desirable? I think many men and women do it… If we stop and self reflect .

  • Reply Aya w ลšwiecie Lalek/Aya in the World of Dolls January 31, 2016 at 10:17 pm

    Nice idea! I need to see them in reality! I hope so soon… :)

  • Reply Lena February 2, 2016 at 9:21 pm

    (NOTE: I played with dolls before the adults decided to take real measurements of Barbie. She was not some ideal to reach. Just a doll to play with.) It makes me LIVID to hear people call the curvy dolls “fat” (which they are not) or say that Barbie is now promoting obesity. Some people did not pay enough attention in school apparently. That just shows someone’s lack of knowledge of body types in general. There are 3 basic human body types: endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph. People will fall into one of the THREE categories. Period. There is NO ONE BODY TYPE that every one can fit into. Sorry, the world doesn’t work that way. (Not unless plastic surgery is thrown in the mix). But the opinion of what is fat is insulting and just a warped opinion. Can they be considered healthy even if their body weight isn’t carried the same way? Hell yes!!! People complain Barbie is unrealistic. They finally make an attempt to make her realistic and people are STILL complaining. Get over it. It is a doll and this is the most innovative thing they have done in a long time. If you don’t like the new bodies, don’t buy them. But don’t complain about them to people who are embracing this change. I am sorry but I am extremely annoyed now that Mattel finally addresses something that has plagued them for years and people are finding new things to complain about. It is a doll! They still have the original version so what is the unnecessary name calling really about? If you are calling the curvy doll “fat this and fat that”, you are just being immature. If you are not a fitness consultant or someone in the medical field, you are just stating your OPINION on what you assume is a healthy look. If you have an issue with calling a curvy doll “curvy”, then that goes to show Mattel should have addressed this issue much sooner.

  • Reply michele May 31, 2016 at 7:07 pm

    What ugly doll this curvy barbie!
    ankles are so small near calfs, it really a miss.. it’s too far from a perfect body, it makes me not want to buy.
    Tall barbie is elegant, Petite is cute, the proportions are correct on these bodies.

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