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January 30, 2016

One of the things that atracted me to fashion dolls are the small and cute accesories that come with the dolls or that you can buy for them. The first time I’ve heard about Tiny Frock was on Flickr when somebody posted a diorama image that featured some very cool miniatures from Pamela Thomson‘s shop.

tiny accesories

Pamela is a NY fashion designer and former Head Designer of Betsey Johnson, Heatherette and current freelance graphic designer for Anna Sui for over 16 years. When her daughter was born, she and her husband moved to Chicago so her daughter could grow up near family. That is when she rediscovered the love for doll clothes and from that launched Tiny Frock Shop, a place where pre-loved Barbie clothing and accessories are presented as Vogue worthy but sold at mainly milk money prices.

Tiny Frock Shop not only provides the market with a place to purchase inexpensive fashionable resale Barbie clothes, it promotes recycling, inspires play, allows parent and child one on one time to connect. It lls a void in the market for collectors and Barbie doll aciandos to nd fashion forward and Vogue styled clothing for their dolls. In addition, the shop features mini-shops and trend forecasting straight from the runways of Paris, Milan, London and New York all the while taking a tongue in cheek look at how the fashion industry actually works with model proles and behind the scenes imagery and info. Tiny Frock Shop takes Barbie’s world of fashion and transforms it from a childs world to one even adults would love to live in.

The business, started in 2010, has achieved a long roster of fans and customers of all ages and from all parts of the world. Pamela’s mix of fashion, photography, styling, low prices and steller customer service has helped grow Tiny Frock Shop from a hobby to one of the most important and far reaching Barbie sites on the internet. The shop consists of Barbie, and Ken sized 12” doll resale clothing, accessories, furniture, and fully editorial styled pre-loved Barbie dolls which include clothing and accessories. In addition, the shop has made available a variety of out of production and rare new Barbies at all price points, new Integrity Toys fashio n dolls as well as Kurhn Dolls known as the “Barbie of China” and Licca Chan Dolls from Japan. There is also a section dedicated to sewing your own items, which includes downloadable patterns, magazines, bags and more. Tiny Frock Shop also oers fabric and trim packs with some of the most beautiful materials available direct from the NY fashion fabric market. A line of originally designed clothing has been released in January 2016 called TINY FROCK. The line is featured in the Spring 2016 FDQ Magazine and designed, patterned and sewn by Pamela.



The site not only sells product but also gives customers a sneak peek into the world of fashion and how it is actually run from a fun and playful point of view. The company is run by a staff of “dolls” and other “action figures” and our “CEO”, is my daughter Lily who is 7 years old. The “models” even have online profiles with interviews explaining how they “broke” into the business.

How cute is this? :X I love it when I see sooo much passion put into a project.

Be sure to check out the Tiny Frock Shop and see all the wonderful things it has to offer you and your dolls.

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