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Oscar de la Renta Barbie doll 2016 info

February 25, 2016

The third doll in the Superstar Forever series is going to be an Oscar de la Renta inspired doll. Even though back in the 80s there has been only a series of fashions designed by the legendary designer, this new doll will be dressed in a fashion inspired by the latest runway collection from the de la Renta fashion house.

A few days ago a description of the doll and an image from the runway were floating around the internet but I was not sure if the information was accurate. Today I was able to track down a Mattel Brazil dealer catalogue and behold! The info was correct.

oscar de la renta barbie bride 2016

Oscar de la Renta Barbie doll 2016

Can’t wait to get this girl! I’m such a sucker for Superstar Barbie dolls. :X

There’s also some info about the Charlotte Olympia Barbie doll. Not much though.

Charlotte Olympia Barbie doll

So are you excited about these new dolls?

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