OOAK Superstar Barbie Collection 2016

You know I’m an 80’s kid so it will come as no surprise that I adore this OOAK Superstar Barbie doll collection by Livin’ Plastic Dolls.

The collection features reinterpretations of some iconic 80s and 90s Barbie dolls.

superstar barbie collection 2016

I’m so amazed by the talent of Servando, the artist behind these creations. I can’t wait to meet him in September, at the Madrid Fashion Doll Show.

Magia 2000 at the Japan Barbie Convention 2016

Traveling to Japan is a dream I hope I’ll be able to fulfill next year. I adore the Japanese culture as I grew up watching anime series and reading manga. Mario and Gianni from Magia 2000 have traveled this year for the second time to the Japanese Barbie Convention and have been kind enough to share some images with us from the super fun one day convention.

The Fashion Show

Goofing around and making friends

Dolls, dolls, dolls

Can’t wait to be able to go to this sweet and fun convention and visit the amazing Japan.

HUGE photo gallery from the Paris Barbie expo

Thanks to Alessandro Gatti from Artist Creations I have for you a HUGE photo gallery from the now famous Barbie expo at the Musée des Art Décoratifs. This has got to be one of the best Barbie expos I’ve seen. And OMG they have prototypes of the Water Sprite Barbie® Doll! So exciting. I’m so jelly that i’m not in paris right now. :(






Barbie expo at the Musée des Art Décoratifs in Paris

Between March 10th and September 18th Barbie will be in the spotlight at an expibition in the beautiful French capital. The Musée des Art Décoratifs will be your guide into the magical world of Barbie. There are a lot of activities and guided tours so be sure to check out their official page HERE (CLICK).

I do wish I could have been in paris this week as the Paris Fashion Doll Festival will take place this weekend, but that’s life… I hope all of you that are attending will have lots of fun! Can’t wait to see the convention doll.

Roma Fashion Doll Convention 2016

Next week the PFDF is taking place but that doesn’t mean we can’t make plans for November, right? Between 19th and 20th of November the second edition of the RFDC is taking place at the Eurostars Roma Aeterna Hotel.

The convention fee is 120 euros and yes, you get a Platinum label articulated Silkstone Barbie doll as a convention doll!

Registration form

Modulo Reg 2015ING

I can’t wait to go as this year I’ll be joined by my husband and son. :X
Are you coming?



Be sure to check out their website for more info.

No more Tonner Sindy

Sindy is a much beloved doll by collectors but it seems not enough. :( A few years ago Tonner got the licence to produce Sindy dolls that resemble the Pedigree era but it looks like the agreement has ended and Tonner has decided not to renew the licence. A farewell sale is happening on their site so go check it out. Great price\s for some amazing dolls and outfits. Click HERE.

tonner sindy end

There also are no plans for Pedigree to produce again Sindy dolls as this project was put on hold. :( This actually makes me sad…

Classic Black Dress Japan Silkstone 2016

Yesterday the first Barbie convention from 2016 took place in Japan. I was supposed to attend it but family matters have kept me home. I do hope to be able to go next year especially because the exclusive doll they have received as a convention doll is so cute!

barbie black dress silkstone japan 2016

barbie black dress silkstone japan 2016b

barbie black dress silkstone japan 2016c

We have already seen her in the Wall Street article so it makes me wonder if in those images there are more convention dolls?


Thet brunette looks sooooo pretty! Well next week the Paris convention is happening so we’ll see what the convention doll there will be.

Images via Dutch Barbie World.