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    Reminds me of Integrity Color Infusion with a smaller bust. Are her toes flexible? How is she able to bend them like that when posing?

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    Zyris De'Lat

    Thank you for sharing the nude images. The seems look perfect. I can’t even see them. I love the smooth look. I can tell a lot of love went into this doll. I love the Integrity Color Infusion bodies. I am in awe that this body has a smooth abdomen like Color Infusion. (No waist Joint seam.) I hope there will be more diverse face sculpts in the future as his company grows. I am excited for this company.

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    Zyris De'Lat

    I just had another thought.
    Does this doll come with switchable hands and feet? Like a pair of flexed feet and arched feet, and a couple different hand poses that can be interchangeable?
    So curious. I tried editing my previous post to add this, but couldn’t figure out how.

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