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Today has been a strange day for me. When I woke up I had a tone of messages, a video from Mike and Elio, blog posts and a lot of comments from all over the doll community. I have never thought that my Facebook “vacation” would cause such a controversy. I was able to read messages I got on Facebook and the comments on different groups but I’m still unable to reply to anything. I’m like a ghost wandering the halls of Facebook. :)) I still have a day and a few hours left before I can get back to my “normal life” so I’ll just enjoy this weekend with my family. Facebook isn’t everything in life even if this ban has affected my other projects and some pages I work for.

I want to thank everyone that has supported me. I can’t find words to say how humble I feel because of your love and support. All I want right now is to focus on the upcoming Italian Doll Convention and being reunited with my dolly friends. Contrary to some I don’t earn money from this blog but I’ve gained a LOT of friends and that’s what’s important. It really is.

Enjoy the weekend, dolls! And be free!!!

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    Lori Cavins

    Ada sorry Mattel treats you so bad they should appreciate your support of their product, but corporate greed is very ugly and runs rampant in the USA. I know you don’t get money for your blog this is the most oppressed country that always brags how free it is know that you have the support of your followers and keep up the good work. Sincerely Lori Cavins.

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