HUGE doll and toy auction coming up

Thanks to a Facebook friend of mine, Susannah Williams, I found out about this massive doll collection that is being auctioned online on June 8th. OH. MY. GOD!!!! Sooooooooo many gorgeous girls! Sindy, Barbie from all ages, rare Barbie store displays, Jem, Tressy, Ashton Drake, Bild Lilli, vintage German toys and doll houses, you name it.

Check out THIS LINK (CLICK) and browse through 15 pages of pure gold. I think some of the lots are under valued so good luck to anyone bidding. Yes, they do ship internationaly so good luck!!

original (1)

original (6)

original (7)

original (12)

original (36)

Will you be bidding on anything?

2016 SDCC EXCLUSIVE Wonder Woman Barbie and other dolls

USA Today has just published the 2016 SDCC Exclusive toys by Mattel and, of course, two of them have caught my attention.

First is a GORGEOUS SDCC Wonder Woman Barbie doll.

The Amazon Princess Wonder Woman Barbie ($80) is based on Gal Gadot’s superheroine in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”


I just can’t… She is freaking fabulous! OMG!! That hair! Why does she have to be an exclusive? *cries*

Then we have She-Ra! Technically she’s not a Barbie but she’s 11 inch.

She has the power! An 11-inch She-Ra action figure ($75) will bring back lots of good memories for those who watched her cartoon in the ’80s.

635998524930871687-she-ra (1)

I’m so excitied by this one but I need to see IRL images. So far not crazy about her body but her face looks beautiful. Maybe you can put the head on a Barbie body? I hope so.

And here are the rest.

All of them will be available for preorder beginning June 17 at Gosh. I hope I’ll be able to get at least one of them.

The 2016 Italian Doll Convention part 2

Yes, i know I’m late to the party, but… Well, I have no excuse. I hope you’ll excuse me for this and enjoy the article.

marcelo and i

After the Fashion Show ended we went straight to the cocktail party and sipped some champagne and enjoyed some fresh sea food apetizers. Really yummy! We mingled and waited for the Gala Dinner as everybody was getting more and more anctious to see the convention doll.

Soon after we were welcomed in the ballroom that looked so chic and festive. This year they completley change the set up and in the middle of the room there was a catwalk so that everybody could see Mario and Gianni when they did their presentations. Such a good idea!

My table host was, as always, my lovely Monica and lots of gifts were waiting for us. She made us some very cute dolls in mod fashions. I got the Asian one. :X There also was a beautiful centerpice made by Magia 2000 themselves.


The Gala Dinner wa sa lot of fun. We had Liza Minelli and Marylin Monroe visit us and we also the ladies from Dynamo Camp on stage as they received a check for 20,000 euros from the ebay charity. I have to admit the small clip that presented their camp and their work really touched me and that’s why I wasn’t prepared for the moment when Mario announced that Rogier and I won the Special IDC award for our blogs. OMG! I was floored. I really was. I know there’s a lot of controversy around me and there are people that, let’s just say, don’t like me, so I honestly was not expecting this.


rogier and i

Me smiling like an idiot. :))

Lorena Neri from Cats’n’Dolls Creations also got an award for her work. Congrats!!! You deserved it.


The last, but not the least, award of the night was for the Fashion Show. My darling Monica won the famale one for her great Curvy Fashionistas impersonation. :X


And then… The convention doll was presented. Sorry for the crappy video, but that’s all I could film. I do need to get a decent camera next convention so I can properly film and take pictures.



The night ended with a SUPER fun dance party. We could have danced the entire night but the rooms had to prepared for the Sales Room the next morning so at around 2 o’clock we went to bed.

The next morning I woke up early, packed my bags and went straight down to the Sales Room. I did a live video on Facebook about it so check it out below.

As always there were a lot of great deals and lots of OOAK artists. Below is a HUGE gallery of images that I hope you’ll enjoy. After I took the images I went straight to the airport as it was time to go back home. Can’t wait for the 2017 IDC especially because the theme is so much fun: IDC Goes Wedding. :)) I’m so bringing my wedding dress with me. Hahaha!

IRL images of the 2016 Look Barbie dolls

The 2016 Look Barbie dolls are starting to show up in stores and here are some IRL images via Instagram user only_love_barbie. I do wish they would have kept the Steffie facemold on the Boho girl, but she is cute none the less.

( love b collection ) – 2016 new barbie look ! #barbie #barbiedoll #collectorbarbie #barbielook

A photo posted by Love B (@only_love_barbie) on

( love b collection ) – 2016 new barbie look ! #barbie #barbiedoll #barbielook #collectorbarbie

A photo posted by Love B (@only_love_barbie) on

( love b collection ) – 2016 new barbie look ! #barbiedoll #barbielook #collectorbarbie #barbie

A photo posted by Love B (@only_love_barbie) on

( love b collection ) – 2016 new Look barbie #barbiedoll #barbie #lookbarbie #collectorbarbie

A photo posted by Love B (@only_love_barbie) on

New articulated curvy Barbie body?

The Barbie Style Instagram account just published this image that shows a very beautiful AA curvy articulated body? Could this mean we we’ll be getting it in the next wave of Fashionistas? Maybe even a tall and a petite articulated body?

Brunch time! Tag your bestie.? #barbie #barbiestyle

A photo posted by Barbie® (@barbiestyle) on

As I mentioned on my page, I think Mattel is putting more effort in the playline series than in the collector one. Such a shame…

Barbie Careers Presidential Dolls (2 Pack)

This year is all about the Presidential elections in the US so Barbie is celebrating this with some cute 2 doll packs. They are available on Amazon. Just click the names and you’ll be directed to the sales page on Amazon.

Barbie Careers Presidential Dolls (2 Pack), #1

Barbie Careers Presidential Dolls (2 Pack)13

Barbie Careers Presidential Dolls (2 Pack), #2

Barbie Careers Presidential Dolls (2 Pack)9

Barbie Careers Presidential Dolls (2 Pack), #3

Barbie Careers Presidential Dolls (2 Pack)

Barbie Careers Presidential Dolls (2 Pack), #4

Barbie Careers Presidential Dolls (2 Pack)5

The 2016 Italian Doll Convention part 1

At first I wanted to write a LOOOOOOOONG post about the entire event but then I changed my mind as I don’t want to write an entire novel on my blog. :))
This was my 4th IDC (I skiped the 2014 edition as I was heavily pregnant) and it was by far the best one to date! Mario and Gianni are getting better and better at this and each year they do such a great job at creating the perfect enviroment for collectors.

Held at the same Melia Hotel, this year the convention’s theme was IDC goes to America. I left for Milano on Friday the 6th and arrived at the hotel with a two hour delay because my flight was late. The joy… “Thank you”, Blue Air!! But that didn’t stop me from runing to my room, freshen up a bit and then go down to the hotel bar to have an Aperol spritz with my dear Simon from, his husband Carl, Francesco from and his partner Edgar.



Right after this we went across the hotel at the Ristorante Ranch Roberta and were joined by other collectors: Marcelo Jacob, Felix Kim, Hafizh Atfin, Muhammed Bagci, Doug Martinez, Maria Margarida Salvado and her husband and Rosam Gasco. Such a nice restaurant and the food is really good! If you are a fan of seafood I highly recommed it.

That was it for the first day as I quickly went to bed so I could wake up on Saturday early in the morning. Little did I know that my wish would come true in the most unexpected way. :)) At 6 in the morning our AC decided to break down and start squicking like a dog in heat. Lawd!! The joy! Monica and I woke up and couldn’t sleep any more so we decided to go down and have breakfast.

During breakfast I met with Alex Jauregui and he showed me some amazing dolls from Mexican artists. Check out two of them on my Facebook page HERE and HERE. Here’s a beautiful creation by Unique Lady Trend Dolls. She was available for sale in Sales Room.

After breakfast it was time for the registration. As always we got a HUGE and heavy bag of goodies. I love the Biopoint cosmetics. :X It’s the second year we get stuff from this company and I’m beyond excited for this. I already washed my hair with the shampoo we got and it’s amazig. Highly recomend it if you have a chance to buy it.



Shortly after the registration the workshops took place. There were three but I managed to sneak in to Rogier’s and Monica’s ones. Rogier had a workshop about miniatures and Monica about jewelery.

After spending some time with my Queen Ibrahim, I went up to get ready for the gala dinner. I put on my Little Black Dress Silkstone inspired dress, my white sneakers and went down to the lobby. The Fashion parade had already started but I managed to see some of it. Monica, Mario and Sebastiano killed it!!! :))


Right after we took some pictures with the contestants it was time for the Cocktail Party. I sipped some champagne with Simon and off we were to the Gala Dinner. But I’ll tell you all about that in the next post. ;)

Collection Haute Couture: Acid Bubble – by FDA & Patrizio Cipriano

For some time now I’ve been meaning to write about this beautiful and exquisit OOAK doll collection but never managed to do so. My dear friend Nunzio Carbone from the Fashion Doll Agency has teamed up with long time friend and fellow collector Patrizio Cipriano to create the Acid Bubble Capsule Collection for the PFDF 2016.


The slender silhouettes of FDA dolls have always inspired Patrizio who dreamed of create for them evening dress and emphasize their femininity. He was given carte blanche to create this Capsule Collection .

The Acid Bubble Collection consists of five unique pieces. The style of the dresses is 50s retro, with very geometric shapes and bright colors. Each dress becomes an elegant look, with a very stylized figure, anatomical and graphic that highlights dolls femininity. The choice of shapes and fabrics recall the work of visionary creators as Thierry Mugler, particularly in 1987 with its strong looks, liberated, sensual and seductive, Gianfranco Ferré & Claude Montana.

Nunzio complete the collection by creating the makeup, hairstyle and shoes to every look. Following the inspiration of Patrizio, makeups are also very retro 30s, with very high and thin eyebrows, pure inspiration from icons like Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo. The extravagant and voluminous hairstyles bring a modern touch, respecting the traditional codes of retro haircuts. Deconstructed boots also break with the oldie style and give to the whole a more contemporary touch.

You can read more about it on the Fashion Doll Agency site and also in the latest issue of FDA Magazine.

New doll magazine: The STAND

These couple of days have been super busy in the doll wold as the incredibly talented Sharon Marie Wright has just launched The STAND, an online magazine with the contemporary collector in mind. Full of the latest news, videos and tutorials as well as the bi-monthly STAND Lookbook.

stand magazine1

The first issue is a work of art full of superbe images of so many kinds of dolls. 96 pages of the best the doll world has to offer. Go and get it and LIKE the magazine’s Facebook page. You’ll not regret it.

stand magazine2

stand magazine3