2016 Playline Holiday Barbie dolls

Right now there are 35 degrees Celsius in Bucharest and I feel like melting. As much as I love summer, this weather is just too much for me so I’m going to chill while drinking an ice coffee and posting these images of the 2016 Playline Holiday Barbie dolls.

2016 Playline Holiday Barbie dolls1

2016 Playline Holiday Barbie dolls2

2016 Playline Holiday Barbie dolls3

2016 Playline Holiday Barbie dolls4

2016 Playline Holiday Barbie dolls5

2016 Playline Holiday Barbie dolls6

I did post them yesterday on my Facebook page but I have neglected a bit the blog so I just had to post them here also. :D

Barbie and MAC collaborate again

Yesterday MAC Cosmetics has posted a photo on Instagram depicting a model surrounded by several Barbie dolls. This not the first time MAC has teamed up with Barbie, but this time Barbie does not have her own makeup line. She is the image of the new Fashion Pack Collection.


For those who don’t follow trends, but make and break them…we salute you. Let’s lead the way with the next wave of front row-worthy hues. Fuchsia, violet, emerald, deepest plum, midnight: Capture the charisma of couture’s most sumptuous fantasies, then create our own. Regal nails and jewel-tipped lips bring a lavish finishing touch. Ready to wear…any way you dare! So be a doll, show us how — the fashion pack is always in the know.

The collection is made up of eyeshadows, lipsticks, pigments and eye liners in vibrant and fresh colors. Unfortunatelly the so called “human Barbie doll” Valeryevna Lukyanova and the “human Ken doll” Justin Jedlica are featured and interviewd on the collection’s mini website as they talk about growing up with dolls and the changes they made to their body so that they would look like those dolls. I’m sorry but I don’t understand why would Mattel/MAC chose to associate with them as they represent everything Barbie fans and collectors are not. Just for marketing’s sake? I guess so. Sad, in my oppinion. Just sad. I also grew up with dolls but I never wanted to look like one.

This is one collection I’m not going to buy. I’m all about makeup, beating up your face and even plastic surgery, but what those two are doing is an extreme I consider very unhealthy and I would never endorse something that promotes that images. Sorry.

More images with the 2016 SDCC Wonder Woman Barbie doll

She is perfect! I would have loved a more detailed box, something like the She-Ra box, but the doll is simply gorgeous.

Official description:

As befitting of the daughter of Zeus, Wonder Woman™ makes her appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice™ and this Justice League member proves she’s battle ready! Inspired by the costume worn in the movie, this Wonder Woman™ Barbie® doll arrives at SDCC cloaked in a royal blue hooded cape lined with gold lamé and worn over her bold red bustier and royal blue paneled skirt. She also wears her signature golden headdress, bulletproof bracelets and golden lasso. Standing heroically atop a “rocky” ledge brandishing a sword and shield, she is the portrait of a true Amazonian Warrior Princess.