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More images with the 2016 SDCC Wonder Woman Barbie doll

June 7, 2016

She is perfect! I would have loved a more detailed box, something like the She-Ra box, but the doll is simply gorgeous.

Official description:

As befitting of the daughter of Zeus, Wonder Woman™ makes her appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice™ and this Justice League member proves she’s battle ready! Inspired by the costume worn in the movie, this Wonder Woman™ Barbie® doll arrives at SDCC cloaked in a royal blue hooded cape lined with gold lamé and worn over her bold red bustier and royal blue paneled skirt. She also wears her signature golden headdress, bulletproof bracelets and golden lasso. Standing heroically atop a “rocky” ledge brandishing a sword and shield, she is the portrait of a true Amazonian Warrior Princess.






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  • Reply Samantha1904 June 8, 2016 at 3:05 am

    She`s Beautiful, although I wished Mattel used the Misty body so that she could have a more built figure, but then again, the Made-to-Move body is so wonderfully poseable, I guess I can`t complain ;)

  • Reply Christian June 9, 2016 at 4:11 am

    I was surprised as well- the packaging on the other Mattel products were so dramatic – a perfect combo of artistry and pop culture. Then there’s this doll- so underwhelming. In fact , the stock picture looks nice , but so did the other Wonder Woman doll that was released this year and that doll was complete ?. I wanted to like it, but the quality was just terrible – the pieces cheap and unfinished looking. Hopefully the doll will be better quality – but I wish they had put some artwork on the box- or maybe a scene depicting Princess Diana’s Amazonian homeland- something that would liven it up a bit. Even the Star Trek Vina doll that will also be a sdcc exclusive comes in a better box. It would be interesting to know their motivation …

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