My Buy, Sell, Trade and Talk About Doll Group

Today I discovered I got deleted from another doll group for simply not posting enough. A while back I got deleted AND banned because I have asked the owner of the group to credit the images and copy-paste info he got from my blog. Silly.

Because I’m tired of this doll drama, I have reactivated and changed my buy and sell group. I have decided to make it a fun group where you can sell, buy, trade but also talk about dolls, showcase your OOAK creations and anything else doll related.

I’m also looking for moderators so please let me know if you want to help me.

Come and join the fun by clicking the banner below.

papusile mele doll group


The registration for the 4th Portuguese Doll Convention is now opened! The theme for next year is “The Spies” and there will be an exclusive convention doll again. My guess is next year’s international convention dolls will be just like in the US, meaning they will be vinyls designed by Bill Greening. :D

The convention will take place in Lisbon in the weekend of April 8 and 9, 2017, and more info will be available soon.
You have three payment plans as it follows:

A: 100€ : REGISTRATION UNTIL 30.09.2016 / PAYMENT UNTIL 30.10.2016
C: 130€ : AFTER 31.DECEMBER. 2016

You can find more info on the official website, on the official Facebook page or by emailing the organizers at

See you there!!

First images of the Charlotte Olympia Barbie doll

Cheryl’s Dolls has the first images of the new Charlotte Olympia Barbie doll and she’s uber cute! Not going to post the images here so that my email inbox will not be gifted with some email from Mattel, but you can check the images out HERE (CLICK).

I love that she’s part of a gift set and that she has a vintage look. Really classy, but a bit on the expensive site. I hope the quality of the fashions and accessories match this price. Not crazy about the gloves because I think this type of gloves always look funny on a doll. It’s like a small child’s gloves are worn by a grownup. Lol. Am I the only one that feels like this? But the rest of the accessories and the box look cute. I’m glad Mattel has made an effort to make a more appealing box. I wonder if the purses open.

What do you think of her?

Barbie Smart House 2016

Back in February we saw the new Barbie Smart House at the New York Toy Fair and it looks like she will be avaoilable very soon. I found these promo images on ASDA, a UK retailer, and I have to say it looks pretty amazing. Kind of gives me a 1990 Magical Mansion vibe. Kind of because that house is THE house for Barbie. At least IMO.


Official description:

Go high-tech with the Barbie smarthouse! This two-story home has innovative features designed for a modern girl. Floor sensors recognize where Barbie and her friends are in the house. Embedded speech recognition adds a cool touch. The stairs turn into a slide. And the elevator is motorized! An accompanying app allows further customization. Plus, just as always, it comes with themed backdrops, furniture and accessories – including a glam chandelier – for complete house play.

Price: $300

Fourth doll in the series: Luciana™ Barbie® Doll

After a long time of waiting for that Carlyle sketch to finally come to life, here comes Luciana™ Barbie® Doll! The forth doll in the The Global Glamour™ Collection and, by far, my favorite so far.





What a stunning face. And she looks so delicate yet fancy and over the top. Love, love, love her! She’s $100.00 and she’s backordered until December 27, 2016. Must get her for Christmas.

2017 National Barbie® Doll Collectors Convention Registration

Have you registered for the 2017 National Barbie® Doll Collectors Convention that will take place on July 19-22, 2017, in Houston, Texas? Hurry up! The registration has started. Click HERE for the registration form.

Tiered pricing will be in use for registration and is as follows:

July 30 – September 30, 2016

Green Registration Fee – Discount Fee $400 – Information is emailed to you in full color
Non-green Registration Fee – $410 – Information is printed in black and white and mailed

October 1, 2016 – February 24, 2017

Green Registration Fee – Regular Fee $440 – Email only

February 25 – July 19, 2017

Green Registration Fee – Late Fee $465 – Email only

Please note that any registrations processed and/or received after September 30, 2016, are eligible for only the Green Registration Fee.

I hope I’ll be able to attend… Btw, just a quick heads up. There will be something different about the convention dolls. ;) Can’t tellyou more right now but stay tuned!

LBx Couture + Themodsdoll = Nefertiti

Nefertiti has been an idol of mine for years. Ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated with ancient history and Nefertiti and Hatshepsut have been too of my favorite historical figures. When I first saw Neferitit’s famous bust in berlin, a few years ago, I cried. Yes, I CRIED!

Today I saw on Facebook this stunning doll by Themodsdoll (her name is Jasmine) that was dressed by a doll artist I have just discovered: LBx Couture (CLICK). She is just perfect!


One of my holy grail dolls is the 2010 Barbie® Doll as Cleopatra and I so wish Mattel would have made Tutankhamon Ken just as they planned on doing. :( here’s a thought: can we have more Gold Label ancient history Barbie and Ken dolls? PLEASE????

2016 National BBDC and RDOC Black Doll Convention info

This year I’m going to keep an eye on the National BBDC and RDOC Black Doll Convention that will take place on October 28-30 in North Carolina. David Bocci from Refugio Rosa wil be creating 25 dolls for the convention and he has also created a beautiful t-shirt that can be bought at the convention.

black and beautiful doll club3

black and beautiful doll club

black and beautiful doll club2

I don’t know yet if the 200 places for the convention are sold out, but you can check all the details of the convention HERE (CLICK).

The good piece of news is that there will be an European BBDC and RDOC Black Doll Convention next year, in May, in Paris – France, and I’m so planning on attending it. It will be one week after IDC so I’ll see how I can handle going to both conventions.

Anyway, stay tuned as I plan to keep you posted about this wonderful convention.