2016 National BBDC and RDOC Black Doll Convention info

This year I’m going to keep an eye on the National BBDC and RDOC Black Doll Convention that will take place on October 28-30 in North Carolina. David Bocci from Refugio Rosa wil be creating 25 dolls for the convention and he has also created a beautiful t-shirt that can be bought at the convention.

black and beautiful doll club3

black and beautiful doll club

black and beautiful doll club2

I don’t know yet if the 200 places for the convention are sold out, but you can check all the details of the convention HERE (CLICK).

The good piece of news is that there will be an European BBDC and RDOC Black Doll Convention next year, in May, in Paris – France, and I’m so planning on attending it. It will be one week after IDC so I’ll see how I can handle going to both conventions.

Anyway, stay tuned as I plan to keep you posted about this wonderful convention.

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