2016 New Disney Designer doll sets

Disney Store Japan has released images and info about 4 new Disney Designer doll sets and the doll world has lost it. Lol. I’m not a Disney collector but I have admired this series for some timenow. I can totally see why people love and collect them and why they end up selling for big bucks on the secondary market. *cough, cough*

Release dates:

– Cinderella & Lady Tremaine – 6th September.
– Belle & Gaston – 20th September (Same day as the 17″ LE release).
– Alice and Red Queen (Strange she’s not called Queen of Hearts) – 4th October.
– Aurora and Maleficent – 18th October.

Info via Hollys Dollys

My favorite has to be the Cinderella set. Can we talk about her face? OMG! Stunning! One of the best Cinderella faces I have ever seen. Sweet, innocent and so gorgeous.






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    These are lovely dolls! I am so happy that Cinderella’s hair is much more the color of her hair in the original movie! I have always wished they would match her hair to the movie rather than making her a pure blond, so I think this doll set is wonderful!

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