New Barbie Fashionistas and careers with curvy body!

There’a a bunch of new Barbie Fashionistas and Barbie Careers up on Amazon and they are even more versatile than before! I may not be happy with their quality, but their design is just perfect. Judy Choi is really doing a great job with these dolls. Click on the dolls names to go to their page on Amazon.

Barbie Girls Fashionistas 51 Polka Dot Fun Doll


Barbie Girls Fashionistas 49 Double Denim Look Doll


Barbie Girls Fashionistas 53 Lovely in Lilac Doll


Barbie Girls Fashionistas 48 Daisy Top Doll


Barbie Careers Pop Star Doll


Barbie #4 Careers Doll


Barbie #3 Careers Doll


10 thoughts on “New Barbie Fashionistas and careers with curvy body!

  1. i’d like to get the Polka Dot Fun Asian Curvy, Lovely in Lilac Caucasian Tall and the “New Teresa” faced Latina Careers doll. They should be beautiful additions to my growing collection.

  2. Thought I would really like the curvy girls. I wasn’t impressed with their so-called realness. They are shaped like a pear. Dear Mattel, how about making a real curvy doll where the bust matches the bottom.. in real life, the majority of big bottom girls have big boobs, that’s called curvy…

  3. Exaclty Monster craft more articulation or even more new new Barbie Friends these have no name its very boring. In the past I was very excited seeing new dolls coming but no a days i am not impresssed af all i miss the old days.

  4. Thought I would really like the curvy girls. I wasn’t impressed with their “realness”. They are shaped like a pear. How about making one where the Bust matches the bottom… In real life, the majority of big bottoms have big boobs…That’s curvy…

  5. Omyyyyy so beautiful !!! The Pink hairee one is just the best and omg look at this black girl with blond hair on the picture on the box :O can’t wait to see more pictures of them and thank you for this post !!!

  6. I love the new dolls but I think there could be a little more variation as well. What about Ken? An Asian Ken would be nice. A short Ken, Tall, stocky, etc. And different hairstyles for the Caucasian, Hispanic and Asian. I love the different hairstyles for the Black barbies so can we get variety with the others? I agree that the top should match the bottom with the curvy dolls but I don’t think Mattel will make a big breasted Barbie lol. But I love the different faces on the dolls. I have bought them all!!!

  7. I, too, think that it is great to have a large variety of shapes, faces, heights and hair colours!
    I look forward to the new launches for 2017!
    It is a wonderful way to show kids that everything’s worth celebrating when it comes to how we look!

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