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Convention doll and extra doll at the 2016 Convención National de Coleccionista en España

October 2, 2016

This weekend the 2016 Convención National de Coleccionista en España has taken place. It’s the second convention in Spain and the 4th European convention from this year. There is just one left, the Roma Fashion Doll Convention that will take place next month.

This year’s theme was the Fabulous 40’s and two convention dolls were received by conventioneers. Just like MFDS, one of the dolls was an extra doll and it was not included in the basic convention package. This year the extra doll was designed by duo Ninamorgue, the amazing designers behind the The Huntsman Winter’s War: Ravenna OOAK doll that you saw this spring at IDC.

Her name is Lady Navy.


Images by Alessandro Gatti.

The convention doll donated by Mattel was a Platinum version of the first Classic Black Dress Silkstone. This one has a lighter hair and skin tone and a different makeup.

Image by Maria Margarida Salvado Campos

I actually like more the extra doll, but that’s just me. :P

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