New playline dolls and sets on Amazon

Lots of new playline dolls and sets have been uploaded on Amazon. They are not yet available, but let’s take a look at them. As walways, click on the name to go to the Amazon page. Thaks to my gorgeous friend Muhammed for the tip. I will also include print screen sof the dolls’ pages on Amazon just so everybody will see from where I got them in case the pages will not work.

Barbie Water Play Latina Beach Doll


Barbie Water Play African American Beach Doll, Male


Barbie Water Play Blonde Beach Doll


Barbie Water Play Red Haired Beach Doll


Barbie Water Play African American Beach Doll, Female


Barbie Girls Walk and Potty Pup with Blonde Doll


Barbie Careers African American Baby Doctor Doll & Playset


Barbie Made to Move Martial Artist


Barbie Made to Move Posable Soccer Player Doll


Barbie Made to Move Skateboarder


Barbie Video Game Hero Ken Doll


Barbie Girls Fashionistas 46 Black & White Stripes Doll


Barbie Hammock Furniture & Accessory Set


Barbie BBQ Grill Furniture & Accessory Set


Barbie Chelsea Dreamtopia Vehicle


Barbie Pet Room & Accessories Playset


Barbie Video Game Hero Vehicle


Barbie Video Game dolls


Links 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

5 thoughts on “New playline dolls and sets on Amazon

  1. for some reason the video game hero ken gives me the creeps maybe its the eyes; other than a few of the 2017 fashionistas not much stood out here

  2. The Video Game Hero line looks kind of cool. I hope the other dolls look good- the Ken looks kind of intersting – almost anime . This might be a great line.
    The skateboard Barbie- wow! I usually don’t buy pink box dolls but I’d like to get that one. She looks awesome. Now if only this translated to the collector line…

  3. A few of them have now become available like the Potty Pup and the Baby Doctor sets. I have added the ones I want to my my wishlist on Amazon so I can keep checking back to see if they are available. Thank you so much for sharing this with us and keeping us aware of what is new out there!

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