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Roma Fashion Doll Convention 2016 exibitions

November 4, 2016

Only a few days separate us from the second edition of the Roma Fashion Doll Convention! I will not be attending, but I’ll be keeping you up to date with everything going on there. Beside the actual gala dinner, sales room and workshops, the convention will also have a few exibitons. They sound so amazing! I do wish I was there…


Antonio Russo will show you a roundup of fashion hats in “HATS ON TOP & TOP ON HATS” from the amazing wardrobe of one of the most famous fashion doll designer by Mel Odom “Gene“.


LOVE IS ::: FASHIONABLE” when passion creates fashion by the SEA Group and The D-Factor by Vincenzo Funaro. Everything you wanted to know and that you never dared to ask about the world of fashionistas!


The group of BJD Dolls collectors from Rome, Land Of Immortals, presents “COVERED IN LACES“, an exhibition of wonderful dolls with breathless hand made looks.

Hand up if you’ll be attending this convention!

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