Faith in humanity lost – my story about being nice

I have debated A LOT about writing this post. It has taken a lot of time to do so, but yesterday I decided to vent on one of my favorite doll groups and everyone has urged me to make this public. I will keep the names of the people involved secret because this is my last act of kindness to them.

In 2015 I was contacted by a doll dealer who had (has) an eBay store because they wanted to advertise on my blog. They offered a doll that was sold out as payment and I said yes ’cause I really wanted her and the price on the secondary market was kind of high.

Everything went ok, I gave them a banner on my blog, wrote about them, promoted them. We talked on the phone, all was perfect and then they told me they wanted to create a website for their business. I offered to help and they would pay me in dolls once again.
We decided to buy a premium template that I would customize which I did. The website turned out great! It was a presentation website + blog + online shop. I even uploaded what they had for sale on their eBay shop.

After this I messaged them. No answer. I messaged them again. Nothing. Almost a year passed when they finally decided to write back saying that life happened and I would get my payment because the site was beautiful. I was overjoyed even if I would have to make updates to the site because a lot of security updates became available.
Anyway, they said they would send the doll (yes, I was stupid enough to agree on just one doll) and asked me if I wanted to work some more for them and they would continue to pay with dolls. I declined as I don’t do this kind of “pay with dolls” work anymore and waited for the doll for the website.

And waited… And waited… AND WAITED!!! After more months passed I got an email from them saying things were slow with the doll shop and shipping to Romania was $50 and they want to wait before they could send it but no worries I would get my doll.
It’s now January 2017 and no doll yet!!!!! They haven’t used the website but how pathetic and disrespectful can they be?!!! I don’t want any dolls anymore but I feel nausea every time I think of people like this.

I know they are reading this so I’ll just say this:

SHAME on you! I wonder if you would have done the same thing to someone from the US. I guess not ’cause they would have taken you to court. But it was ok to do this to someone from an Eastern European country, right?
I have taken down the template I made. I don’t want an answer from you, I don’t ever want to hear anything from you ever again. Don’t contact me and say thank you that I am not releasing your name to the public. As someone said, the shameless have no shame so I doubt this article will mean anything to you, but it’s my way of closing this deal.

Have a great life!

2017 Quinceanera Barbie IRL Images

Looks like the 2017 Quinceanera Barbie doll has been spotted at Walmart. She sports the ever cute and not so appreciated Teresa sculpt and I LOVE THAT! I think Teresa is such an underrated sculpt that has been neglected a lot since the 90s. So nice to see her pop up in the Collector Line again since the Basics.

Image credit Renee Marie Turner.

What we know so far – 2017 Barbie Collector dolls

The new year is here and everyone is asking about the list of the upcoming 2017 Collector Barbie dolls. As we can all agree that 2016 was not such a good year for BC so collectors’ expectations are very high for the 2017 lineup.

So let’s recap what we know so far. My sources are Doll Genie and Cheryl’s Dolls.

Wonder Woman movie dolls: Wonder Woman, Antiope, Queen Hypolita. Can’t wait for these! I’m a HUGE WW fan and thios movie and these dolls are a dream for me!

Barbie Quinceanera. She is designed by Carlyle Nuera. There have been 3 Quinceanera Barbie and Teresa dolls before so I can’t want to see how this one will look.

25th Anniversary Totally Hair Barbie doll. This year markes the anniversary of the best selling Barbie doll of all times so, to celebrate her anniversary, she’ll ge getting a Collector makeover. So excited about this one!

Three Silkstones: BFMC Barbie Blush and Gold Dress, Barbie Classic Black Dress, Barbie Tweed Suit. I have seen one of them and all I can say is: she has accesories!!!!!

Gabby Douglas Barbie doll. I hope she’ll come in a set just like in the picture below.

Natalia Vodinova Barbie doll. Several media outlets ran a story last year about an OOAK doll depicting the supermodel and they also mentioned it will be made as a LE doll in 2017. No other info about her is available.

– The Look series, Birthday Wishes, Ballet Wishes and Happy Holidays will most likely continue this year also.

That was it so far! I hope there will be more interesting dolls this year and I hope we’ll get some fab Platinum Label dolls. Can’t wait to see the convention dolls! They will be designed by Bill Greening. <3