2017 Totally Hair Barbie 25th Anniversary repro

Looks like the 2017 Totally Hair Barbie 25th Anniversary repro doll has popped up in some stores. She is a repro of the best selling Barbie doll ever produced as this year marks it’s 25th anniversary. I kind of like that they kept the original vibe and that the box looks like the 90s boxes, but, somehow, I wanted a bit more from this doll. I don’t know… I can’t really put my finger on it.

What do you think of her?

Totally Hair Barbie 😂😍

12 thoughts on “2017 Totally Hair Barbie 25th Anniversary repro

  1. Wow, I believe I bought a version of this doll when it came out 25 years ago, or maybe it was one of the follow-ups, I’m not sure. But I am sure I didn’t pay anything close to $45 for it.

  2. Re: Kathy

    the $44.99 price is for the Wonder Woman collector doll (hard to tell but I zoomed in on the text on the price sticker there). Does anyone know the price for this repro?

  3. The $45 isn’t for Totally Hair Barbie but for the doll down her, Wonder Woman. The price of her is $25 as wrote in the comments under the picture, for a collectible doll is not a bad price at all.
    The new TH Barbie looks very close to the original, but I’m not an expert of that era of Barbie. I think the differences between the two versions, vintage and new one, are not just technical or economical but it is for our fond childhood memories. Our enthusiasm of our old toys is incomparable. She’s a good souvenir to remember how the time is changed, as all the other repro Barbies, it is always arduous compete with the original one, for many reasons.

  4. I love the bend and click legs but, I think maybe more possible arms would have been cool. However, I also love the nostalgia as well. I had the Christie version. Maybe, they should have made more than one version? Like an original and an updated one with a different skin tone, hair, and face mold to show Mattels new diverse range? Or just an AA version? I can’t decide…

    1. They had an AA version back in the day and they was quite “diversity” (the real important diversity is an intellectual one which no one cares about beacuse people shallow and close minded) in the 80’s without having the “healthy” plus size barbie. All the idea of Repro is that it’s the exact toy from back then and therefore there is nostalgia for it which wouldn’t work if they make an updated version.

  5. The price is not for this doll
    its 25$for this doll
    does somebody knows if it will be available at toys r us canada or wal mart?
    And is she still made by mattel?

  6. I wonder if she got that damn glue in her head like most new Barbies. I don’t like that specific Barbie, I would reather want to see reporo of the barbies with the 1992 body, but then again I am boycotting Mattel for pushing political agenda in children toys and also making horibble quailty toys. As far as I concern I started to collect Licca Chan dolls instead of the currnet American lame playline fashion dolls range. I am only look up to the upcoming adult collector action doll She Ra line, hopefully it will be made available for international costumers and be sold through Amazon too and the dolls won’t have that disgusting glue in their heads.

  7. Why is there no news of this on any other websites anywhere, not even on Mattel’s website? Dying to know if it will ever come to Australia.

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