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A few days ago the annual Fashion Doll Awards (<<--CLICK to enter and vote) has opened it's site for public vote and yes, I am nominated again for the Best Fashion Doll Blog award alongside other amazing bloggers and friends.

I am not going to ask you to vote for me, but I will ask you to vote for your favorites in each category. Vote and support your favorite doll, retailer or OOAK designer. And don’t forget to support all year round all the amazing people that make our doll community amazing. Buy from your favorite dealer and help them maintain their business. Buy from your favorite OOAK or doll designer and help them with their dream. Support your local doll club and even donate dolls and toys to the children and the people that aren’t as lucky as us to afford all these beautiful dolls.

And don’t forget to sign up for TheDollObservers community. A fun and friendly place for all us lovely dolls. <3

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    Linda Ford

    The fashion doll community is SO important. We should support this award. I personally wrote as a comment that I am hoping for a 2018 contest to continue to support all of our fashion doll community and 1:6 scale builders. I mentioned that 1:6 scale and fashion dolls do not get the recognition they deserve and that includes all the people like your site. I also think builders like Debora Odell who worked on JPMorgan family dollhouse in 1:6 scale and is now building a 1:6 manor (Greenleaf min gallery), Ken Haseltine at Regent (who was not nominated this year) and other 1:6 scale builders deserve recognition.

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