2017 Wonder Woman movie Antiope Barbie doll?

So this image (originating from China) is circulating on the internet and it looks like these are the dolls from the new Wonder Woman movie. My guess is that the first one is an action figure (judging by the molded dress and the box) but the second one sure looks like the Wonder Woman Antiope Barbie doll that we know we will be getting this year. I hope it’s the real deal cause she looks fabulous!


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3 thoughts on “2017 Wonder Woman movie Antiope Barbie doll?

  1. For some strange reason, I like the WW face more this time. The eye makeup looks a little darker and love the ponytail. Robin Wright looks coo!! Always excited for a new mold. 🙌 Not a fan of her body, but…it’s Mattel…re-bodying is a usual thing. 😀

  2. The arrow launching one with the plastic costume I am feeling kind of “meh” about. The other one looks like a winner! I am pretty sure her costume is not meant to come off, but that would just mean another body swap for me!

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