The Popovy Sisters at two European doll conventions

If you have not heard of the Popovy Sisters you have missed on some of the most amazing dolls in the world! And they are not just dolls. They are pure art.

The two talented sisters will be gracing us with their presence at two European doll conventions. Their first stop is at the Italian Doll Convention in May.

IDC is the biggest European doll convention so be sure to attend it at least once in this lifetime. This year we’ll also have a wonderful workshop with my friend and fellow blogger Rogier who will teach you do create miniature hats (check out more details HERE) and another one with Eileen Lam about the magical world of Blythe.

The sisters next stop is the Madrid Fashion Doll Show for which I’ve been volunteering for the past 2 years.

MFDS is one of the most fun conventions ever so be sure to join us! We have lots of amazing treats for you including a very special edition Ken doll! In case you are wondering, the amazing illustrations are created by the always talented Brani Mladenov.

So who’s coming to these conventions?

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