Alice Dolls – from Romania with love

I have told you numerous times how excited I am to share with you Romanian made doll creations and now I have the extreme pleasure of introducing you to Alice Dolls!

Alice Dolls is a series of 5 porcelain, articulated dolls (BJD) created by illusytrator & designer Alice. This unique collection is made of deities and semi-deities (fairies) belonging to the fascinating Romanian mythology. This type of dolls are for the first time created by a Romanian artist.

These precious goddesses are a cultural vector: through them the designer is promoting around the world the beautiful and spiritual Romanian myths. Along with these, she also promotes the beautiful, unique and profoundly symbolical aesthetics of the Romanian folklore. These legends are, in essence, universal, yet their particularities are unique. And all of these deserve to be seen and heard by the the entire world.

Following 2 years of intense research and actual work, Alice created 5 doll concepts:

Dragaica – or “sanziana”, a well-known (in our country, of curse) fairy who appears just one special night (24th of June), transforming herself from the sanziana flower to this enchanting fairy. She transfers healing plants superpowers – there are many beautiful traditions at the countryside linked to this magical night.

ielea – a wild fairy who appears in secluded forests dancing the “hora” dance, in circles along with other 8 fairies, as stories go. She is a wild, free spirit and it’s said that whoever sees her or her sisters is cursed to be forever blinded or go crazy.

Bendis – the goddess of destiny, of family and of the Moon. She’s known for having been worshiped in ancient times in Greece, but archeological discoveries have proved that she has been worshiped on the Romanian territory thousands of years earlier.

The Moon – The main character of a beautiful legend explaining why the Sun and the Moon never meet in the sky (excepting the rare, fearful – for our ancestors – times of solar eclipse). In short: God has taken her away from The Mighty Sun, her brother, who fell in love with her and hid her on the other side of the sky. The grieving Sun’s tears have reached The Moon, having been transformed into stars and they were forced to forever see each other, but never meet.

The Bee Fairy – Legend goes that she helped the Creator in forming the Earth, giving him the idea of “ridging” its surface in order to create mountains and oceans, highs and lows…

You can shop these amazing dolls HERE (CLICK).

Here’s also a video about these amazing and delicate dolls.

There will also be a series of dolls in partnership with famed Romanian fashion designer Maria Lucia Hohan.

Aren’t they amazing? <3 Tell me what you think about these small pieces of art. Don't forget to check out their Facebook page for more updates.


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    These dolls are beautiful and I love the stories behind them. I was so happy you shared the video as hearing the story of their inspiration and creation from her was awesome!

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