2017 Gabby Douglas Barbie doll IRL images

The new 2017 Gabby Douglas Barbie doll has popped up on eBay so let’s talk about her.

while I am not a fan of sports inspired dolls I do think this doll is quite nice. She was at first released as a special OOAK doll and then was announced that a collector edition will be mass produced.

I love her box, I love the fact that she has a full sports attire and is that a miniature zipper? I wonder if it works.

Overall, she is a really nice doll. Not for my collection but I’m pretty sure she’ll be a success.


7 thoughts on “2017 Gabby Douglas Barbie doll IRL images

  1. I like the face mold- very pretty but there’s just something off about her- I can’t put my finger on it- maybe she doesn’t have the ‘feel’ of a collector doll? idk, maybe it’s something else … thoughts ?
    I do say that the big issue would be price- I couldn’t imagine paying more than $20 for this doll and even that’s a stretch… but I’m sure it will retail for $30 and above.

  2. I really like her and I love the concept but I’m not going to rush out and buy her just yet. I think it’s great for girls to have such a fantastic role model as a doll.

  3. I’m excited for another MTM body in this skin tone; so I will probably buy her for that and outfit. I’m never excited for a smiling Barbie, and unfortunately… hers is extra goofy.

  4. I don’t like Barbies that show their teeth, so I’m not a fan of this doll. But the Nike tracksuit is adorable and I could always use another MtM body, so I’ll probably still buy her.

  5. That zipper is just an imitation, so sadly it won’t work (I recognise it from Monster High dolls). Did you notice her leotard is slightly different than the OOAK doll given to the real Gabby?

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