Crochet patterns for Barbie size dolls

October 1, 2017

While scrolling today on the great and wide web I came across an eBay store that sells Crochet patterns for Barbie size dolls and I became mesmerized. I was not a very big fan of this type of fashions, but some of these pattern are amazing! The alse are several patterns for furniture and entire interiors. Check out below some of my faves.



Different dresses

And a bonus. :))

What do you think about crochet dresses and fashions for Barbie? Yey or nay?

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  • Reply Kimberlee October 2, 2017 at 1:43 am

    I’ve actually made some furnishings using plastic canvas. It takes hours and hours to make. I hope to one day make more. I even have a book on how to make an entire Barbie house with plastic canvas. I have found that shelving made of this tends to kind of warp. It probably could be reinforced with a second layer of plastic.

    Wish I knew how to crochet. I was all signed up for a course, but no one else signed up, so Jo Ann Fabric canceled it and refunded my money. Usually, their classes take place when I have to work. Anyway…I like the crocheted outfits if the weave is small and tight. Not a fan of the looser stitches.

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