Wycon + Barbie Liquid Lipsticks

January 6, 2018

Maybe a lot of you don’t know this but I am a huge makeup and skincare fan. I have an extensive collection of makeup (“only” about 80 lipsticks hahaha) and I am crazy about skin care. So you can imagine how super excited I was when I saw that Italian makeup brand Wycon has released a collection of 30 Barbie liquid lipsticks.

This collection has been out since December 2017, but is still available on their site HERE. Unfortunately, in my country they will not be releasing this particular collection so I am hoping my husband will have some business trip soon in Italy so he can pick up some of the colors. They are right up my alley. Soft and powerful nudes and some very striking colors. If and when I get my hands on some of these lipsticks I will comeback with a small review. Don’t worry! This blog will not become a makeup one, but I think it’s fun to talk about collaborations such as this one.

Have any of you tried these lipsticks?

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